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Synonyms for partitive

word (such a 'some' or 'less') that is used to indicate a part as distinct from a whole

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serving to separate or divide into parts


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As shown in (3), my cannot be used in a partitive construction, and therefore cannot pass the partitive test.
Both incorrect story problems can correctly be represented by the simple picture that represents partitive division for 12 / 3, but symbolically they represent the expressions 12 f 4 and 3 x 4, respectively.
Since the correct number of clusters is not known a priori in our problem, Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (HAC) algorithms, rather than partitive clustering methods, are employed as a solution to our problem.
The text provides a survey of current discussions on a number of key issues that have become prominent in research on the syntax of nominal projections within the generative tradition including the DP hypothesis, the status of D in languages without determiners, demonstratives, the role of classifiers, the morphosyntactic features/projections of nouns, head and phrasal movement in the NP, adjectival modification, possessors, argument structure of nouns, the partitive construction and the N-of-an-N construction.
The only reason a work of art is more or less inimitable, likewise the only reason why one work of art differs from another, is that the artist approaches its envisagement through channels opened by partitive meanings, the expression of internal purposes peculiar to himself, the conditions of his unique determination, his "place" in the general scheme.
After watching the lesson video, students' responses highlighted distinctions between partitive and measurement interpretations of division (Kennedy & Tipps, 2000).
The author proposes an alternative view: The genitive signifies a relation which is indeed closely related to inherence but which is, contrary to inherence itself, partitive.
While the indication of broader and narrower terms inevitably invokes the classification, the choice of terms related in ways other than in generic and partitive hierarchies is usually highly pragmatic and unpredictable.
man=kan taknas=ma dUTU-i HUL-lu KAxU-az uizzi "When evil comes out of the mouth of the Sungoddess of the Earth," Tjerkstra claims that dUTU-i KAxU-az is an example of partitive apposition, even though the two nouns are not in the same case, with dUTU-i expressing origin just like KAxU-az.
Heritage conservation values convey the impression that the past is retrievable by preserving its parts but as Watson (1995:685) states 'cultural phenomena are emergent, more than the sum of the partitive parts'.
World leaders have shaken hands with Palestinian leader Yasser Ararfat for years about land, homes, etc, while he applied his odious partitive ideology.
Given such a graph-like structure, it follows that concepts could have relations of identity (synonymy), similarity (or partitive, generic structures), and opposition (antonymy).
The latter two items, 'any number/of dead heroes and heavenly bodies' completes the absurdity of this catalogue by placing the vague, belittling partitive 'any number of' in front of the two grandiose, vague collectives.
Ordinary fractions, such as one-half (one out of two) and one-fourth (one out of four) provide perhaps the simplest way of expressing a partitive relationship.
Syllable rhyme durations of the words with the affixes -nika and -likiz(t) (a genitive and partitive case of the affix -likki) are presented in Table 7, e.