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an advocate of partitioning a country

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Indeed, McCluskey builds a compelling case of partitionist diplomacy against the Treatyite elite from truce to civil war.
The working of devolution was seen to have provided practical proof that Sinn Fein was, whatever its formal ideological position, now in effect a partitionist party.
In fact, one analyst demonstrates that the new Island City would strongly favour a federalist and (at the time) partitionist city-wide council because of the integration of the more numerous West Island boroughs.
Not all the elements of this partitionist policy can be charged to Kissinger personally; he inherited the Greek junta and the official dislike of Makarios.
But it is ironic that such a partitionist solution should be invented for the Irish accountancy profession only after the Good Friday Agreement.
This can be seen in the Plans A and B approach of the federal government and in the partitionist movement that arose in Quebec.
Between Plan A and Plan B, appeals to the Supreme Court and the partitionist movement, the feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction of the Canadian population with political life has reached a nadir, particularly visible during the 1997 federal elections.
I'll give it to him tho, that inscrutable smile never left his partitionist face.
Consequently, Greek Cypriots, who once rejected federalism as a partitionist solution, reluctantly accepted it as an option to prevent partition from taking hold.
Furthermore, partitionist or secessionist options are almost invariably more desirable than the imposition of control.
I believe that there are many partitionist attitudes in the south and I believe that they are detrimental to the development of our nation.
First, as Adrian Guelke suggests, few affirmative global points of reference can be found for the partitionist nature of unionist ideology: divided islands are rare.