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an advocate of partitioning a country

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Fear, first expressed in the form of "We love Quebec" on October 27, 1995, was succeeded by a new partitionist movement among anglophone Quebeckers who feared losing their membership in Canada's majority group.
Ulster Unionist MP Mr Ken Maginnis said it was a gigantic step for the IRA and proved it was prepared to participate in a partitionist solution.
Greens leader Giorgos Perdikis said the Greek Cypriots need to convince the international community that they want a solution as soon as possible, adding that it is the Turks that remain intransigent, "sticking to the same extreme confederal positions and partitionist proposals".
Sinn Fein is an Irish republican party, our vision of a united Ireland goes far beyond that partitionist vision as set out by Mr O'Loan.
Their forefathers will be spinning in their graves today of the thought of Republicans participating in a partitionist parliament.
But Mr McLaughlin said his party remained "totally opposed" to an assembly and accused Mr Mallon of peddling a partitionist solution.
A much earlier though undated, Turkish Cypriot secret document found in the Turkish Cypriot Agriculture Minister Fazil Plumer's office explicitly sets out the joint partitionist policy of the Turkish Cypriot leadership and Ankara, and there are sensational confessions by the perpetrators themselves.
Republican cynics and unionists alike might say that if Sinn Fein are administering a partitionist state then they should use its proper name.
Gray's diplomacy was inherently partitionist, not anti-partitionist.
He added: "There will be no return to partitionist rule.