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an analysis into mutually exclusive categories

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Partitioning also ensures that in the event a virus or crash were to delete the OS, the partition containing data files would remain intact.
The list of software options now available to small to medium enterprises is impressive and includes logical partitioning and heterogeneous replication across heterogeneous disk arrays.
IBM must be crimping the logical partitioning support in some way because of overhead or instability when it goes beyond a certain limit.
3) However, some of their arguments are based on misinformation about partitioning, coupled with inductive inferences from sales databases characterized by a small sample of transactions with a multitude of incomplete or unknown variables.
This book focuses on constraint satisfaction problems related to tree partitioning problems enriched by several additional constraints that restrict the possible partitions topology.
In the past, partitioning has been limited primarily to enterprise-class libraries, and many suppliers still require that users deploy external library-control software to take advantage of it," said Scott Roza, ADIC vice president of sales and marketing.
This software provides all the tools you need to manage today's hard drives, including partitioning, backup & restore, migration, optimization & defragmentation, hard drive disposal, boot management and system recovery.
The robust partitioning architecture of the INTEGRITY RTOS, which is royalty-free and POSIX certified, guarantees that critical tasks have the resources they need to run correctly.
Partitioning can also provide long-term investment protection, as well, by allowing legacy technology to remain online and accessible while a transition is made to a newer technology.
0 Server Edition provides a new level of security for partitioning operations and provides businesses with its exclusive Initial Backup Facility[TM].
It also provides the memory-protection and partitioning facilities that the N2000 needs to deliver its Virtual Switching Technology, which enables a single N2000 system to act as multiple independent virtual switches.
Partitioning libraries into logical volumes is one way of managing mixed media, though virtual partitioning offers far more advantages, including:
Software Extends Automation of ASIC Prototyping Flow; Enhances Quick Partitioning Technology
The virtual partitioning capability provided by VMware adds to an array of technologies and services Unisys provides to help customers consolidate workloads onto a single, scalable ES7000 platform.
Additionally, for McDATA, mixed application partitioning represents another milestone in our history of technology and Fibre Channel & FICON leadership.