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an analysis into mutually exclusive categories

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Partitioning also ensures that in the event a virus or crash were to delete the OS, the partition containing data files would remain intact.
IBM must be crimping the logical partitioning support in some way because of overhead or instability when it goes beyond a certain limit.
This book focuses on constraint satisfaction problems related to tree partitioning problems enriched by several additional constraints that restrict the possible partitions topology.
Virtualized computing with logical partitioning is proving to be the right solution at the right time.
0 Server Edition, our clients have the ability to safely split a hard disk into several partitions, optimize the disk space, partition data, convert file systems easily, manage dual boot systems and conduct a host of other advanced partitioning functions.
Even when a library is only consolidating backup operations and using a single kind of media, partitioning can provide very powerful advantages by letting users apply different backup policies to different kinds of data.
Software Extends Automation of ASIC Prototyping Flow; Enhances Quick Partitioning Technology
Brought together are basic and advanced partitioning features including Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard to resize/move partition, create/delete/format partition, copy partition/disk, and recover deleted or lost partition.
Partitioning libraries into logical volumes is one way of managing mixed media, though virtual partitioning offers far more advantages, including:
Additionally, for McDATA, mixed application partitioning represents another milestone in our history of technology and Fibre Channel & FICON leadership.
The Symwave/Cypress CY4671 biometric reference design provides the tools necessary for HDD manufacturers to tailor the product to their customers' requirements, including formatting, partitioning and securing/unsecuring the drive.
A more friendly and simpler user interface is improved in this version along with newly-added partitioning features developed in response to its customers' feedbacks.
Reducing the certification cost or allowing additional functionality and complexity in safety-critical systems without dramatically increasing certification burden is now possible, thanks to the partitioning technology offered in SYSGO's PikeOS product.
Step-by-step wizard walks you through partitioning process;