partition off

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Synonyms for partition off

divide into parts, pieces, or sections

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As a result, sound-absorbing curtains have been developed and installed to partition off the rest of the cabin, while special sound- insulat-ing material in the aircraftAcentsAAs outer skin and sound-absorbing carpeting blocks footstep noise, ensuring the worldAcentsAAs quietest First Class cabin.
Eventually they had to cut the whole back partition off the box and take him out that way.
The properties have a range of fitted kitchen styles, and buyers can choose whether or not to partition off the kitchen from the rest of the living room if a more traditional layout is preferred.
There is also the ability to partition off areas of the luggage space to secure fragile items.
Fire-retardant plastic, plywood, and sheetrock also will be used as necessary to seal the building and partition off cleaned areas.
If you are in a large vehicle, partition off the front compartment of the vehicle (where you are) to conserve heat.
Anderson used chicken wire to partition off part of her front yard by her thorny rose bushes so the crows couldn't get down to the babies.
STEP 2 Use painter's tape to partition off a section of the hardboard for the chalkboard paint.