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Synonyms for particularly

Synonyms for particularly

to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common

specifically or especially distinguished from others

uniquely or characteristically


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The issue has been a sticking point in recent months, particularly with Woodland Hills' Parkman Middle School, because the district has been hesitant to give school sites more autonomy, while the union has been pushing the waiver program.
A variety of ethical concerns coalesce to make housing-related health hazard research particularly challenging.
21) This was particularly expressed in relation to outsiders.
The essays that follow illustrate various approaches to the spatial question (some, in combination): they include crossnational comparison; exploration of the travel networks of ordinary people, beyond the already-familiar example of emigration-immigration; larger regional options, particularly the Atlantic world; and global or near-global contexts--not only with globalization per se, but with factors such as the ubiquity of European-derived racial constructs and their role in international urban configurations.
A further consideration is that the outcomes and their associated learning activities should also be built around students' current knowledge, particularly of the FL.
Most (though not all) anxiety disorders are not characterized by particularly strange or bizarre worries.
De Ocampo is particularly effective in imitating raven vocalizations, adding an authentic note to his semi-voiced narration.
As a person who is known to set out suet cakes, feeders of seed and water for the birds in my back yard I particularly enjoyed this book.
Unfortunately, the authors do not make much mention of the parallel development of social assistance programs, particularly for poor women, and of the way these programs undermined the principles of universality and inclusiveness which the social reformers of the late 19th-century extolled, and which many social policy scholars today still regard as of vital importance in income maintenance.
He connects this growth with the charismatic movement within Catholicism and claims that these groups--perhaps due to a "lack of intellectual sophistication"--have been largely ignored by the establishment, particularly by sociologists, who are meant to note such trends.
More uncomfortably, more Congressmen, pundits, and voters feel justified in claiming that foreigners use unfair trade practices to steal American jobs, particularly in manufacturing.
The nature of their work makes commercial sex workers more vulnerable to HBV infection, which could accelerate the infection's spread into the general community, particularly in areas with low literacy rates and socioeconomic status.
However, even in this diverse mix, certain types of organizations stand out as being particularly out of the ordinary.
But she also insists on reading Trapnel as a poet, one who weaves together poetic convention, political and religious critique, and biblical themes, particularly from the Song of Songs and David's Psalms.
To my mind, there are three fundamental explanations for the fact that the goal of universal academic achievement has not been accomplished in the 20 years since the publication of A Nation at Risk: 1) reforms continue to be prescribed for schooling, not for education; 2) achievement woes are most acute among children from low-income families, particularly minority families, who frequently attend the worst schools and live in communities with the fewest educational resources; 3) fundamental change in education rakes a long time.