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directed toward a specific object

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Holding: Without addressing the parsonage allowance's constitutionality, the Seventh Circuit held that the plaintiffs could not show they had suffered a concrete and particularized injury in fact and so lacked standing to challenge it.
Plaintiff has failed to allege any particularized facts attacking the Boston Scientific merger as fraudulent," Judge Sarah Evans Barker wrote in a March 27 decision in Indianapolis, where Guidant is based.
Supreme Court's three-part Article III standing test: The plaintiff must suffer an injury-in-fact (invasion of a legally protected interest that is concrete and particularized, and actual or imminent); there must be a causal connection between the injury and the alleged conduct; and it must be likely that a favorable decision would redress the injury.
Plaintiffs have simply not shown that they will suffer an injury in fact that is 'both concrete and particularized and actual or imminent,'" Parker said in a 16-page decision.
Indeed, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Arlen Specter, is sponsoring a bill that in substance endorses President Bush's FISA illegalities and authorizes an electronic-surveillance program warrant that would enable the NSA to spy on Americans indiscriminately without the particularized suspicion of wrongdoing required by the Fourth Amendment.
Standing has been rejected in such cases, because the alleged injury is not concrete or particularized.
In its ruling today, the Court found that the plaintiffs had failed to sufficiently set forth particularized facts to support their claim.
Just as conducting a forensic investigation of a computer requires a special set of skills, particularized skills are needed when investigating a cell phone, Pocket PC, RIM, or Palm OS device.
They were both dancers of calibrated nuance, a virtually complete absence of mannerism, and with their particularized schooling distilled to its essence.
While relatively brief, the language repudiates the concept of a general warrant, requiring the existence of probable cause and a particularized description of the things to seize and the place to search.
The court said that to have standing to bring a suit in federal court, a plaintiff must demonstrate a concrete and particularized, actual or imminent, injury in fact.
Neither Congress nor the executive branch, he said, has treated the Controlled Substances Act as precluding "a particularized assessment of the risks involved in a specific sacramental use.
But the court noted that inmates were segregated based on particularized factors, including the kind of crime committed and personal conflicts, the jail was not understaffed at the time of the attack, serious inmate-on-inmate violence was not the norm, fights that did occur were not linked to any recurring specific cause, and jailers had a history of punishing inmate violence.
The defendant argued that the right should be limited to the formal client file, or that the ex-client should at least be required to specify the drafts, internal documents, and electronic data sought based on a showing of particularized need.
Many friends of the category of particularized qualities subscribe to the view that particularized qualities have a unique bearer in which they inhere; no such quality then can inhere in two different entities.