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an individualized description of a particular instance

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This particularization ought to be considered even when we find divine emblems alone and not in the company of particular gods--even if they are identified as the property of a particular god.
And this is more than just saying that his individual entification is the microcosm--and that he is a particularization of the Universe.
This particularization of the literary experience is accepted generally along with the recognition of its romantic antecedents and its ability to model what is understood as modernity (in contrast to the classical pattern), but with the introduction of some relevant corrections.
Nor does it appear that Esper and Keating view the privileging of moral over policy principles as relevant to the undue particularization of duty rulings.
We care about George Shannon because he's been made real through his own voice: Shannon's concerns and obsessions, his hopes and dreams, belong to all of us and are recognizably our own even as they seem wholly Shannon's thanks to the immediacy of McGrath's particularization.
On eighteenth-century Empiricism and the particularization of knowledge, see Louis Dupre, The Enlightenment and the Intellectual Foundations of ModeRN Culture (New Haven: Yale UP, 2004) 18-44; Ernst Cassirer, Philosophy of the Enlightenment, trans.
This dismantling of the dichotomies, which represents the release of Korean literary writing from political and cultural nationalism, undoubtedly has much to do with Korea's opening to the dynamics of globalization, which Roland Robertson formulates as "a massive, twofold process involving the interpenetration of the universalization of particularism and the particularization of universalism.
Justice Mosley wrote "Where the statutory requirements of a warrant are met, including prior judicial review, reasonable grounds, and particularization of the targets, the collection of information by CSIS with CSE assistance, as proposed, falls within the legislative scheme approved by Parliament and does not offend the Chart.
The external view (APs) includes two particularization levels: the reference view and the interpreted view.
This particularization of the Yugoslav national soccer institutions had negative consequences.
dissenting) ("The very concept of global warming seems inconsistent with [the] particularization requirement.
The need for industry-specific statutory tailoring implicates the broader question of legal generalization versus particularization, of which the issue of rule-based or standards-based decision making is, perhaps paradoxically, a particular instance.
127) In all its forms, reliance on flexible standards supports the central tenets of New Governance: multiplicity, experimentation, and learning; (128) particularization to local circumstances; broad expertise; and stakeholder engagement.
Within larger fields of economic and cultural power, the particularization of Christianity, or what it means to the Kelabit, is made evident through how it has become integral to Kelabit contemporary identity.