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Synonyms for particularity

Synonyms for particularity

Synonyms for particularity

the quality of being particular and pertaining to a specific case or instance


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The Complaint states, with particularity, that certain infringing and/or misappropriated sections of the systems that have been misappropriated by Defendants by hiring Wild Parma's former head engineer are being offered for sale by the Defendants at a recent trade show in Chicago, Illinois.
Despite the established existence and acceptance of monikers such as Greek, medieval, Anglo-American, French, and British philosophies, the particularity of black philosophy appears to some as overly determined and unusually so.
The important point to be made is that universality and particularity are not in opposition but in continuity.
Political Obligation and the Particularity Problem, P.
This is why stirring up wounds becomes the obstacle to the march of history and to its progress, while necessity and particularity drive towards opening up new wounds, within which it is forbidden to examine the festering elements of disease.
The second phase of the project, entitled "The Scandal of Particularity," was a series of colloquia that the ICJS pursued in partnership with Union Theological Seminary/Presbyterian School for Christian Education in Richmond, VA.
Running through these reflections are the questions of Jewish power and anti-Semitism--that is, Jewish particularity in a complex world.
In the first half of the book, Kottman shows how the political theories of Plato and Hobbes depend on the figural use of theater, even as their ultimate formulations utterly undermine theater in its spontaneous, relational, and political particularity.
However, the postmodern context has made any easy continuity between faith and culture difficult because of a heightened awareness of plurality, difference, and particularity.
Erich Auerbach outlined a mysticism of particularity that he imagined gains in human generosity precisely as it abandons itself to the givenness of human life.
On appeal, the Ninth Circuit reversed, holding that "the particularity requirement of the Fourth Amendment applies with full force to the conditions precedent to an anticipatory search warrant.
Keizer reads works by five authors from the US and the Anglophone Caribbean as expressions of black theories of subjectivity, and sets each of these fictional theories against what she calls an "established" theory of identity formation to show how theories that "arise from the particularity and variety of black experience, re-imagined in fiction, force us to reconsider the conceptual bases of established theories of subjectivity" (2).
The second particularity of the descent of things from the invincible realm of the Divine Treasures to the spiritual domain of the isthmus, and then to the corporeal and natural world, is that the object of descent never leaves the real presence of the origin of descent.
TRJ, aiming "To Be The Best Place to Find Music," operates an extensive network of more than 100 outlets in Japan and has developed a very strong brand, particularity among young people and music lovers.
It swallows up all our particularity so that the One, set against our many, might pour into the world an unassailable love.