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Synonyms for particularity

Synonyms for particularity

Synonyms for particularity

the quality of being particular and pertaining to a specific case or instance


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Mulcahy shivered when the former spoke of the knife as an intimate acquaintance, or the latter dwelt with loving particularity on the fate of those who, wounded and helpless, had been overlooked by the ambulances, and had fallen into the hands of the Afghan women-folk.
The two leaders discussed in detail the recently upset and former deputy Chairman Senate Maulana Abdu Ghafoor Haidry was called particularity for this meeting.
It is settled law that any act done or any action taken or purported to have been done or taken under or in pursuance of the repealed Act, shall in so far as it is not inconsistent with the provisions of new Act, be deemed to have been done or taken under the corresponding provisions of the new Act and unless a Legislature enacts a new law to be specifically retrospective, and that too with great particularity of language, the courts are not to assume retrospectivety,' the judgment read.
This month of December 2017 has had a particularity in the traditional campaign of distribution of gifts for Equatorial Guinean children: the distribution has not started on the island of Bioko, as usual, but in the continental part of the country.
RAMALLAH, November 3, 2017 (WAFA) - Weather on Friday is partially cloudy with a slight drop in temperature and a chance of scattered rain showers over some areas, particularity the northern areas, said the Palestinian Meteorological Department.
The particularity of the narrative, not to mention the hostility toward Jews that became an early facet of Christian life, struck me as not conducive to Esther's integration into Christianity's fabric.
Early Church Understandings of Jesus as the Female Divine: The Scandal of the Scandal of Particularity
To frame this "something" in religious terms and discuss the particularity of the Christ-event is something that is done with consummate brilliance and unrivalled erudition, and yet is offered in an engaging down-to-earth manner, that makes this book such a gift and pleasure to read.
Lebanon's particular tie with Syria makes us take decisions that well serve Lebanon's interests on the one hand and the particularity of the Lebanese Syrian relation on the other, due to the geographic, historic, familial, commercial and economic connection between both countries.
Its aesthetic--which is "very rooted in the particularity and spirit of the place," says Wallis-merges nearby 19th-century mills with the rushing river.
He appreciated the level of joint cooperation between the bank and Yemen, particularity in the education field.
To understand the process of communication, therefore, communication researchers must take into account the cultural context in which communication takes place, and the elements of cultural particularity.
Political Obligation and the Particularity Problem, P.
The second phase of the project, entitled "The Scandal of Particularity," was a series of colloquia that the ICJS pursued in partnership with Union Theological Seminary/Presbyterian School for Christian Education in Richmond, VA.
Running through these reflections are the questions of Jewish power and anti-Semitism--that is, Jewish particularity in a complex world.