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Synonyms for particularity

Synonyms for particularity

Synonyms for particularity

the quality of being particular and pertaining to a specific case or instance


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No one thinks that Greek philosophy is only applicable to ancient Greeks or that French philosophy is confined to the French, and yet the particularities of situated qualifiers such as black or African-American are interpreted as so particular as to only account for, be applied to, or provide knowledge of a specific associated group.
As for the connection between this theory and the reality of slums, Pieterse avoids "testing" his ideas against the particularities of place, people, and institutions.
In short, Jews of Conscience will exercise Jewish particularity in a prophetic way, borrowing freely from the Judaic and other particularities without paying too much attention to forming their discourse in identifiable Jewish ways.
The proof of this third characteristic and particularity is, in actuality, the first two particularities of the descent by manifestation mentioned above.
Some of these absent aspects reflect the particularities of African dance; still, the choreography lacked the genre's characteristic diversity.
As actors in the art world, we have to ask ourselves frankly: How many of us--artists, curators, writers, scholars, editors--looking past the particularities of our contemporary situation, seem to be acting according to a script, adhering to conventional treatments of accepted roles?
The main architectural lesson is surely the unifying power of the circular form in pulling everything together, allowing its universal theme to stand in opposition to particularities of orientation and landscape played out below.
Part one, chapter one concentrates on the extent to which the geometrical geography of Ortelius and Mercator transformed European map-making from the depiction of land imbued with social relations and regional particularities to the representation of land as abstract, geometrical space.
Because the book limits its study to Primitive Baptists in South Georgia and Florida, the author is able to delve more deeply into the personalities and particularities of this fascinating group of Baptists.
He will say: 'Put more simply, while I might claim my right to have the particularities of an English identity fully recognised, I have a duty, on that basis, to respect and honour the identities of all other ways of life in their particularities.
The argument for inclusion bases itself on two important precedents: the conception of Canadian Federalism as the inclusion of particularities (rather than a homogenizing state) and the welfare state as having achieved a new stage of social citizenship.
The present study evaluates the cultural particularities of nonverbal communication of emotions, by investigating the facial expressions and body segments movements related to positive and negative emotions.
Weaver explores the influence of this dynamic on the way black men learn to negotiate the particularities of our culture in poems tellingly titled `Humility,' "Mama's Hoodlum" and "House Training.
To cohere, the United States must "identify and build a common culture that overrides all of our particularities.