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a focus on something particular

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Will their relative influence, and thus the resulting size of electoral particularism in policy outcomes, vary across policy areas?
I will try to explain why by first of all summarizing my understanding of ethical particularism.
On the contrary, it seems that lurking here, as elsewhere in the epistle, is the idea that since the paths of Israel and Gentiles crossed--through and in Christ--they cannot be separated any mores This transition from a ethnocentric particularism to a universal and inclusive transformation of Israel is closely connected to Christ, described as the representative of all humanity and as the new Adam earlier in the epistle (Rom.
In his book, Cultural Universals and Particulars, Wiredu (1996) discusses the paradox of universalism and particularism in human culture.
Here is where particularisms and other forms of religious absolutism are forced to take their stand on inadequate or indefensible measures including custom, nostalgia, narrowly interpreted religious experience, fideism, authority, fundamentalism, or, in the worst instances, force.
Highly universalistic, rules or laws Particularism apply to everyone, rules are used to determine what is right; contracts should not be altered.
KEYWORDS: Japan, Liberal Democratic Party, budget, particularism, infrastructure, public works, electoral reform
He also addresses the major criticisms of Arabic papyrology, such as its tendencies towards philological particularism and its consequent inability to make itself relevant to historical research.
If Grant is right, then the "impossibility of conservatism" means not only the "impossibility" of Canada, but also the impossibility of any particularism or localism, including American particularism.
32) This seems apt to the case in hand for even if our discussion on cosmopolitanism has successfully revealed their projects as untenable and "utopian" it would have also exposed the "mud" in which the proponents of nationalism and particularism find themselves.
Moral particularism of the "care" variety does indeed tie us to particular communities.
Syntheses of African archaeology were relatively uncommon at one time but in recent years there have been increasing attempts to escape the particularism that formerly characterised the subject and to present the data in a continental or semicontinental context.
Epistemic particularism does not begin with method, but with actual knowledge.
Ethical Particularism and Morally Relevant Properties.
While Ropero examines the novels by modern Caribbean writers that focus on the complex tensions between creolization and ethnic particularism, Dayal discusses interracial contact between South Asians and black people in terms of American racial fantasy.