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a particular but unspecified point in time


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The condition was first described in a paper in the journal Neurocase in 2006 by three academics from the University of California which reported the case of a woman who could tell researchers exactly what she was doing on a particular date.
Reports from the people will not be accepted because of the contradiction with scientific facts, which strictly reject the possibility of sighting the moon on that particular date.
Zaid said "We work with the directives of Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Education and Scientific Research, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Khalifa International Date Palm Award to consolidate the bond between man and his environmental elements and in particular date palm and his unlimited support for date palm through employing the art of photographing .
The workload of marriage transactions on that particular date suffered a massive record which reached 300 per cent compared to any ordinary day," said the Section's Head Abdul Rahim Al Hashimi.
Wedding halls and photography studios saw a rise in bookings across Bahrain, with some places becoming inundated with reservations for this particular date.
A DON'T be apologetic, tell her you'll be out of your rented property on a particular date and they need to be gone by then.
15th April twenty one years ago This particular date haunts us still 96 innocent LFC fans Never arrived home Last year the fans packed Anfield Once again chanting the lament 'Justice for the 96' Shame on the powers that be For taking so long to reveal the truth Better late than never I suppose They say broken hearts never mend Maybe justice for the 96 Would be the greatest healing gift of all For the 96 grieving families The sooner the better (Y.
I appreciate that, for certain charities, the attachment to a particular date offers a considerable financial boost.
One of the maps on display was of Birmingham, plotting all the bombs that were dropped on a particular date.
The new guidelines recommend nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or the anti-addiction drugs varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion (Zyban) as treatment options for people planning to stop smoking on or before a particular date.
We are aware that next year's cup final is on May 19 and we are holding the stadium until such time that somebody wants to use that particular date,' said Mr Sergeant.
Unlike Y2K, however, fear over oil depletion is not tied to a particular date, after which the fear is obsolete.
Gill had said: "They have asked us for a particular date and we've said yes, but we've not heard anything subsequently.
And you could not miss the large volume of brand new cars taking to the road on or around that particular date.
Among a number of other elements, the management report would have to identify the control objective(s) addressed by the implementation or modification of specified controls and include a statement that the specified controls achieve the stated control objective(s) as of a particular date as well as a statement that the identified material weakness has been eliminated by the implementation of the specified controls as of the same date.