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a particular but unspecified point in time


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I was in a nostalgic mood, remembering a particular date in my life: February 11, 1961, the day I was able to attend the second day of the Fifth Test match in Melbourne between Australia and the West Indies.
However, Aziz did not specify a particular date for the meeting, but said that it can be expected in the next two to three weeks.
HTC has not provided details on the particular date for the roll-out but just said, "We are expecting to release Jelly Bean 4.
However if you want a particular date, then it pays to get booKed now.
He said no particular date had been planned in October.
To meet a deficit target by a particular date regardless of the pain and suffering caused has become an obsession with this Government.
No particular date has been announced, but the letter stated that Chavez will be sworn in before the Supreme Court instead of the legislature.
Many business establishments chose that particular date to launch new products, projects and innovations and make the most of the highly memorable date.
The condition was first described in a paper in the journal Neurocase in 2006 by three academics from the University of California which reported the case of a woman who could tell researchers exactly what she was doing on a particular date.
Reports from the people will not be accepted because of the contradiction with scientific facts, which strictly reject the possibility of sighting the moon on that particular date.
The workload of marriage transactions on that particular date suffered a massive record which reached 300 per cent compared to any ordinary day," said the Section's Head Abdul Rahim Al Hashimi.
Wedding halls and photography studios saw a rise in bookings across Bahrain, with some places becoming inundated with reservations for this particular date.
A DON'T be apologetic, tell her you'll be out of your rented property on a particular date and they need to be gone by then.
The pair has not set a particular date for the discussions yet, the agency said.
15th April twenty one years ago This particular date haunts us still 96 innocent LFC fans Never arrived home Last year the fans packed Anfield Once again chanting the lament 'Justice for the 96' Shame on the powers that be For taking so long to reveal the truth Better late than never I suppose They say broken hearts never mend Maybe justice for the 96 Would be the greatest healing gift of all For the 96 grieving families The sooner the better (Y.