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a collimated flow of particles (atoms or electrons or molecules)

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In addition to making an ongoing contribution to the wider adoption of advanced radiation therapy and other cancer treatments through the supply of particle beam therapy systems that incorporate leading-edge technologies such as spot scanning, Hitachi is also committed to the global operation of its healthcare and other social innovation businesses.
Would not particle beam weapons be prohibitively expensive?
Scientists will eventually fire two particle beams in opposite directions around the circular construction before crashing them into each other at almost the speed of light.
Virtually all scientists agree that x-ray lasersand neutron particle beams would be blocked by our atmosphere.
Nature of benefit: the market consists of a mission to supply, installation and commissioning of the elements necessary for the stabilization energy, location and focusing the particle beam accelerator for the Grand Louvre ~Elementary analysis (Aglae) and automation of the beam line.
In the fast ignitor scenario a high-energy particle beam, driven by an ultrashort pulse laser, is deposited into a pre-compressed deuterium-tritium (DT) fuel capsule and creates a 'hot spot' with temperature and density parameters suitable for ignition, approximately 10 kiloelectron volts (keV).
The LHC reached this beam energy last week, breaking its own particle beam energy record.
Maron is now working with Sandia scientists to adapt his diagnostic methods for use in the powerful ion diode for Sandia's Particle Beam Fusion Accelerator II.
Some of the other benefits of using beryllium include its thermal stability, which allows it to perform well at temperatures only a few degrees above absolute zero; its low atomic number, which keeps it from becoming radioactive with all of the radiation bombarding it; and, its lack of magnetism, which allows the system of multi-pole magnets to steer and focus the particle beam without interference.
657 m2 particle beam method,- About 4556 m grouting, - 700 pcs.
The December announcement of particle beam energies in excess of one trillion electron volts made the LHC the world's highest-energy particle accelerator.
The snake produces a magnetic field that reverses the spin of every proton in a particle beam each time the particle travels around the accelerator ring.
RI products include electron and ion sources, LINACs, superconducting and normal conducting accelerator cavities, other accelerator components, neutron source subunits, particle beam lines, as well as vacuum and cryogenic systems.
His industrial experience encompasses processing of silicon and compound semiconductors, lithography, particle beam technology, metrology, and thin film applications.
Particle beam (ions - protons to uranium) required in the phase space.
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