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Synonyms for participial

a non-finite form of the verb

of or relating to or consisting of participles

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The positive features on this dimension are by-passives and agent-less passives, adverbial subordinates, conjuncts, past participial WHIS deletions and predicative adjectives.
A somewhat similar situation can be observed in the negative paradigm, as well, where the negative auxiliaries of the 1st and 2nd person forms are distinguished by person-markers in contradistinction to 3rd person forms which are characterized by the present-tense marker -k, (5) which can be followed optionally by the same present participial derivative =s which occurs in 3rd person of E-bases (om, ot, ok/oyes).
Because participial phrases are derived from verb phrases, the other words that appear in the complement of a verb phrase can appear in a participial phrase.
The present study attempts to find out whether the legal genres under analysis differ in terms of their employment of gerundial and present participial clauses and subsequently to account for the detected differences by considering the functions of the -ing clauses in the contexts in which they are used.
ata yaxol la-sevet 'you can = are able to-sit', hem himsixu le-daber 'they continued to-talk = went on talking'), with the second verb invariably in the infinitive--without the option of a base or participial verb form (e.
I shall ask in this paper whether OE participial perception verb constructions (which for the sake of simplicity I shall henceforth refer to as "VOSende" by analogy with VOSI) give rise to a similar inference, and, if so, to what extent it has been lexicalised by a grammaticalised NP + present participle combination.
He could also have prompted her to add some chains of adjectives and adverbs (Clauses 12 and 14); and some participial and infinitive clauses (Clause 16), while at the same time making some small modifications to her tense use (Clause 14).
Whitman envisioned the present as continually linked with both the past and the future, a metaphysics, a politics, and a poetics he embodied grammatically in the present participial form of the closing lines of "Song of Myself," which move from the I of the poet to the you of the reader in a perpetual present that links past and future, poet and reader: "I stop somewhere waiting for you.
Las abundantes documentaciones de la prensa espanola demuestran el arraigo de aguerrir my de su adjetivo participial aguerrido--en la segunda mitad del siglo ilustrado.
Among their topics are the multi-purpose subordinator na in Laz, external agreement in the converbal construction of Northern Akhvakh, new strategies for relative clauses in Azeri and Apsheron Tat, participial and infinitival complement sentences in Ancient Greek, and a preliminary survey of the performance basis of grammatical constraints on complex sentences.
There are rather rare instances when the Romanian translator tries to preserve the synthetic form of expression characterizing the original texts and renders the participial modifiers of the English texts by means of gerunds: e.
Similarly, children preferred to use participial adjectives that finish in ado/ido exclusively with estar.
The aim of this study is to give an account of a group of Vedic reduplicated nominal stems formed with the suffix -i- that are formally associated with the perfect stem of the corresponding verbal root and seem to have a participial function (the "cakri-type").
711c) or, if not, participial morphology explicitly indicates a change of state (e.
As far as verb forms in actual use are concerned, they are overwhelmingly participial in origin.
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