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Synonyms for participation

Synonyms for participation

the act or fact of participating

Synonyms for participation

the condition of sharing in common with others (as fellows or partners etc


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Political efficacy and political participation are two important concepts that are often studied in relation to mass media.
The labour force participation rate has slightly decreased from 32.
In the days following the conclusion of the Initial Early Participation Time, a significant number of noteholders inquired about the Early Participation Premium.
In the 2012 constitutional referendum, the overall participation rate dropped to 32.
Active participation is the least-stringent test, in which the taxpayer does not need to have regular, continuous, and substantial involvement in the operations.
Aref [4] outlined some of barriers for participation of farm women in agricultural activities.
Suppose that 100 percent of the decline in labor force participation was due to discouraged workers leaving the workforce.
If your working age population isn't growing, you better be sure to have high labor force participation rates.
Not surprisingly, the latest data for the four participation banks, Turkiye Finans, Asya Bank, Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank and Albaraka Turk Participation Bank for the year ending Dec.
Indiana tied with Iowa for third in the nation with a mail participation rate of 78 percent.
Many of the more recent studies of class participation have focused on participation as a critical component of shifting learner-centered teaching paradigms.
Closing out the last century, the gains in Ohio's rate of labor force participation were similar to those of the nation as a whole.
AS THE LABOR-FORCE participation rate increases for those age 55 and over, a new study has found that women make up the majority of the labor force for older workers.
This protection includes, and goes beyond the school's provision of an education to such areas as of related services, participation in interscholastic athletics, and architectural accessibility.
The economic participation of youth involves teens beginning to work part-time and during summers to have the opportunity to develop practical skills that can enhance their futures.
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