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In the quote above, and in the examples below (Table 2), nominal group via pp is linked to the overall process in the main clause, and it refers to the status of the nominal group inside pp as an indirect participant role.
From above examples, the indirect participant role can inform a narrative action from event by distinguishing,
Like the example (Table 1), The boy knew he smelled cheese, the participant role in 6 and 10 is more like an engaged agent and not a mere senser phenomenon (that which is experienced) (40) relationship.
There is DF with concealed participant disposition in 65, 66 and 68 (also in the indefiniteness below) while disposition as 1st person narrator in 66, 67 and 69 is in line with the dominant narrative participant role in detective narrative.
Furthermore, modality in 68, as a functional contrast foregrounds an implicit post murder participant role (forthcoming).
TABLE 2 Mean and Standard Deviation by IEP Meeting Participant Role and Survey Item Item Students Parents Admin SPED Teachers M SD M SD M SD M SD 1 3.
More than six participant roles attended secondary IEP meetings, and we condensed them into just six categories.
5), such fictional play both illuminates and is illuminated by recent reconceptions of deixis itself: notably, the theories about participant roles and frames and about culturally saturated deictic fields developed by William Hanks in his book Referential Practice.
and then Emile Benveniste (225-36, 251-58), traditional conceptions of person deixis have used the idea of participant roles to ground a distinction between first- and second-person pronouns, on the one hand, and third-person pronouns, on the other hand.
Computer mediated communication and group journals: expanding the repertoire of participant roles.
Twenty-four different participant roles attended the IEP meetings, which we combined into six role categories (see Table 1).
BEA WebLogic Portal enables Yantra's application users and their extended trading partners to simplify and customize their access to order and inventory information based on business process, workflow and participant roles.
The cross-border operating guidelines supplement the rules with recommendations for audit functions for rules compliance, guidelines for developing service agreements and explanations of participant roles and relationships.
A TPA contains the general contract terms and conditions, participant roles (buyers, sellers), communication and security protocols and business processes, (valid actions, sequencing rules, etc.