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Synonyms for partialness

favorable or preferential bias

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the state of being only a part

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In fact, I was troubled by the partialness of my vision: the
The text famously introduces the character to us by describing the way he walks, "on a wooden leg, gracefully bending and straightening like a gondolier" (Bellow 2003a, 67)--his elegance somehow depending on his partialness.
Truer to the partialness and prejudice of memory "being both chance and choice," it allows the poet to make and remake the city in consciousness, not in any reality-based, objective historical sense.
Deriving from this will be appropriate teacher training that will seek to strengthen the awareness of novice teachers regarding the multiplicity of paths of knowledge, their interpretative alternatives, and the partialness of their understanding.
For instance, if one is working with a middle-aged client who is moving toward or holds a conjunctive faith (Stage 5), one can be helpful by acknowledging and affirming life's complexity, accepting the partialness of knowledge with which decisions must be made, and extending grace where absolutes cannot be known or help.
The inherent partialness of archives also obscures how much Stewart spoke for others when he preferred vagueness to rights creation in Papachristou.
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