partial veil

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membrane of the young sporophore of various mushrooms extending from the margin of the cap to the stem and is ruptured by growth

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are also comparable, since they also exhibit a smooth pileus, partial veil producing a membranous annulus or a fibrillose annular zone, two or four spored basidia, as well similar pleuro- and cheilocystidia (Noordeloos, 2011).
Cap's edge is striped with remains of partial veil.
cepistipes below a ring is usually lighter, without remains of partial veil, sometimes is of a lightyellow hue at the bottom.
7-2 cm thick; smooth; equal to tapered at the base, dry,whitish, sometimes becoming brownish toward the base,without partial veil, Context: white, firm, not changing on exposure.
There is a straight clash between the values of equal rights for women and the understanding most people in this country have of the Islamic total or partial veil, which is associated lack of equal opportunities for girls: not being able to participate in out of school trips, competitive games, some curriculum areas, and not being encouraged to engage in critical thinking, decision making and independence.