partial eclipse

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an eclipse in which the eclipsed body is only partially obscured

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Britain last saw a partial eclipse in March 2015, but it has been eight years since a total eclipse was viewed from the UK.
Where & when to start looking for the partial eclipse
Those who happen to be in the umbra region experience a total eclipse while those who are in the penumbra region see a partial eclipse.
The full solar eclipse will be visible from seven states across Norfolk Southerns 22-state network, while a partial eclipse will be seen across the railroads entire system.
Swathes of Europe will be cast into darkness as a partial eclipse will be visible from Great Britain, Ireland, and France, as well as North Africa, while Spain gets a total eclipse.
Solar panels will produce less electricity when the next partial eclipse takes place
He added that the partial eclipse anticipated on 21 August 2017 spans one-and-a-half hour from beginning to end.
The partial eclipse reaches its peak at 6:20 pm GMT and 25 percent of the lunar disk will be located in the Earth's shadow.
The only partial eclipse for this year will start at 8.
Observers in northern and eastern Australia, south and east Asia, as well as north and south Americas will be able to see a partial eclipse.
For those who don't fancy getting up at 3am, early risers could catch the end of the partial eclipse at 5.
minutes in the morning, and then the partial eclipse begins and turns to its total stage at 5: 11 a.
MILLIONS missed out as persistent cloud cover across large parts of the UK meant they were robbed of a view of the partial eclipse.
The partial eclipse became visible in the Welsh capital from 8.
The partial eclipse will be seen in all parts of Turkey and the moon will cover around 40 percent of Sun's layer.