partial differential equation

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a differential equation involving a functions of more than one variable

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An off grid continuous interpolant is proposed for solving second order parabolic partial differential equation in two dimensional domain without descretization.
The development of the theory of partial differential equations with "maxima" [3,7,12] requires solving linear and nonlinear integral inequalities that involve the maximum of the unknown scalar function of two variables [11].
1995, Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, Princeton University Press.
1) and obtain the following non-linear partial differential equations
Let us consider solving the two-variable second-order linear partial differential equation
Schwarz problem for a general linear elliptic complex partial differential equation whose leading term is the polyanalytic operator is discussed in [3,5].
The approach avoids the breakdowns that plague models based on partial differential equations, Griffeath says.
Digital Simulation in Electrochemistry explains to the reader how to numerically solve the parabolic partial differential equations (pdes) encountered in electroanalytical chemistry.
The winning team used partial differential equations to optimize the equation.
Extensions have been included in the areas of zeros of polynomials, partial differential equations, eigenvalue problems (LAPACK), sparse linear algebra, and a significant expansion of the G05 (Random Number Generation) function.
Among the enhancements am faster speed for numerical linear algebra, wide-ranging support for fast spruce matrix operations, optimized numerical solvers for ordinary and partial differential equations and major new algorithms for solving equations and inequalities symbolically over complex numbers, reals and integers.
These include enhancements to Maple's handling of numeric partial differential equations, vector calculus, calculus of variations, and ordinary differential equations.
patent number 6,173,276 for its SciFinance(R) software synthesis technology for solving systems of partial differential equations for pricing complex financial derivative products.
Finite difference methods for partial differential equations