partial denture

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a denture replacing one or more teeth in a dental arch

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Patient was given an interim removable partial denture by increasing the vertical dimension to about 3mm in order to assess the lost vertical height.
Patients' expectations of and satisfaction with implant-supported fixed partial dentures and single crowns.
Classification system for conventional crown and fixed partial denture failures.
Porcelain fused to metal crown, for tooth 38 and a partial denture with an E-clasp and sublingual bar to replace missing teeth.
Jain AR, Philip JM, Ariga P (2012) Attachment-retained unilateral distal extension (Kennedy's class II modification I) cast partial denture.
Fixed partial dentures are a common treatment opted for replacement of teeth with few soft and bony considerations.
3) The present article represents the use of a Semi-precision, extra-coronal attachment in a Kennedy Class I situation in removable partial denture.
This enhancement increases production speed for partial denture wax-ups because they require more support material than crowns and bridges.
Incidentally, the teeth on either side of a partial denture are twice as likely to be lost compared to other teeth in a partial denture wearer's (PDW's) mouth.
In order to assess the effects of denture wearing over the oral candidal activity, denture wearing factors are divided into further subgroups like Denture type(DT) divided into Removable partial denture or Complete denture wearers, denture wearing habit(DWH) divided into day time wearers and day/night time wearers, Denture hygiene maintenance(DHM) divided into those using tape water with finger or paste brush / antiseptic cleansers and Denture plaque score(DPS)divided into those samples with no plaque on the dentures and those with 25-50% plaque accumulation over the dentures.
A chest X-ray showed a dislodged partial denture located in the hypopharynx.
The usual treatment for an incisor tooth that is lost due to dental trauma is replacement with a partial denture or a Maryland bridge with perhaps future consideration for an implant.
You will cover subjects such as dental anatomy, materials and basic lab techniques, complete and partial denture prosthetics, conservation and restoration, orthodontic appliances and dental bridge fabrication.