partial correlation

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a correlation between two variables when the effects of one or more related variables are removed

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To overcome this problem, the partial-correlations technique provides an estimate of the partial correlation coefficient free of effects of other variables (CRUZ et al.
The partial correlation between the dependent and the independent variable is shown in the Table 1, column labeled R.
The procedure used to calculate the regression coefficients that appear in equations 5 to 8 (which is the basis for the calculation of the partial correlation coefficients reported on table 2) regresses each equation independently.
The Pearson partial correlation was used to analyze those closely related but distinct variables associated with anesthesia access.
Partial correlations controlling for the Religious Fundamentalism Scale revealed that the two Religious Reflection factors could co-vary directly in American Christian samples and that the less defensive Biblical Foundationalism could be compatible with Intellect as well as with Faith Oriented Reflection.
281 Table 4 Partial Correlation Matrix, With Pearson's Correlation Coefficients and Significance, Between School Performance and the Scores on the CTLRC and WNw-RCT in Each Grade Level Test/Subtest School Performance 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade CTLRC-RC r .
The partial correlation between population density and charitable giving was also negative but not statistically significant.
79 * Measure of sample adequacy (MSA) on the diagonal and partial correlations off diagonal; ST, stature; TL, top line; CW, chest width; BD, body depth; LS, loin strength; RW, rump width; BQ, bone quality; FU, fore udder attachment; RH, rear udder height; RUW, rear udder width; UT, udder texture; UC, udder cleft; AN, angularity; FS, final score.
The age at onset of blindness is a more influential factor in braille reading fluency than number of years reading braille because of the significant partial correlation between the age at onset of blindness and reading speed after controlling for number of years reading braille (r = -0.
However, the partial correlation coefficient (0/398) indicates the positive impact of strategic insights on organizational citizenship behavior of the respective employees.
In present study benign tumours were completely correlated in 75% (12 cases) while partial correlation was obtained in 12.
Through partial correlation analysis, we found that the relative size of auditory bullae (RSAB) was significantly and positively correlated with increasing altitude.
mean NMR], HDL-C, ApoA-I, and the HDL-C/ApoA-I ratio were computed on the entire WHS population along with the Pearson product-moment correlation matrix and the partial correlation matrix.