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Synonyms for partaker

someone who has or gives or receives a part or a share


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He hid himself even from these partakers of his lonely walk, and, shrinking in some arch or doorway while they passed, issued forth again when they were gone and so pursued his solitary way.
Well may we ask the Venerable Margaret, in the words addressed to her by her confessor after her martyrdom, to obtain for us grace from Our Lord " that (we) may honour Him by imitation of thy happy life, and by any death, which He will give (us), to be partaker with thee and all holy saints of His kingdom, to whom be all glory and honour, now and for ever.
Chilango's co-founder, Eric Partaker is enthusiastic about the offer: "Our Burrito Bond is the perfect way for us to engage with our loyal following as well as Crowdcube's investor base and accelerate our expansion plans with additional growth capital.
Stone was an early partaker of Ken Kesey's acid tests.
A careful reading of the Holy Scriptures would appear to show Jesus as a regular partaker and indeed the vintner of celebratory wine at the wedding feast at Cana (John:2 1-11) as well as his farewell Passover meal with his disciples and gave it sacramental status representing his own life's blood.
Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out" Timothy Leary, researcher and partaker of all things hallucinogenic; as well as historian William Manchester.
There are other varieties which can offer more acidity or less acidity, to the taste of the partaker.
Bonaventure, in his Itinerarium mentis in Deum, traces the mystical journey of the spiritual wayfarer from the state of man posterior to the Fall of Adam and Eve to union with the Trinity as a partaker of the inter-Trinitarian love life.
The creation of Eve, Adam's helpmate] was to give him a companion, in all respects his equal; one who was like himself a free agent, gifted with intellect and endowed with immortality; not a partaker merely of his animal gratifications, but able to enter in to all his feelings as a moral and responsible being,
Anabaptists may not have explained what took place in the process of redemption by appealing to psychology, but as Menno Simons confidently put it: "[The believer] is clothed with the power from above, baptized with the Holy Spirit, and so united and mingled with God that he becomes a partaker of the divine nature and is made conformable to the image of His Son.
One day, as we sat on a log in the jungle to rest, Kumtipa told me a story about how his father (who had died just a few years ago) had been a partaker of the old ways.
It is not the intention of this brief review to compare the advantages and disadvantages of CRP with the procalcitonin because this subject has been adequately reviewed (3,6), but to summarise our current knowledge on CRP as a marker of inflammation and partaker in diseases that are relevant to the practice of intensivists.
But there was a Poet called Cinna, who had bene no partaker of the conspiracy, but was alway one of Caesars chiefest friends: he dreamed the night before, that Caesar bad him to supper with him, and that he refusing to goe, Caesar was very importunate with him, and compelled him, so that at length he led him by the hand into a great darke place, where being marvelously affrayd, he was driven to follow him in spite of his hart.
We see the diarist as a widower, grandfather and inveterate partaker of demonstrations for causes he supports.
At another, it is unclear why a group of Augsburg ministers evoked the warning in 1 Corinthians 11 against a partaker eating and drinking "judgment unto himself," yet remained indifferent to whether "one was sinning when one came to the table.