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Synonyms for partaker

someone who has or gives or receives a part or a share


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Thus at thir shadie Lodge arriv'd, both stood, Both turnd, and under op'n Skie ador'd The God that made both Skie, Air, Earth & Heav'n Which they beheld, the Moons resplendent Globe And starrie Pole: Thou also mad'st the Night, Maker Omnipotent, and thou the Day, Which we in our appointed work imployd Have finisht happie in our mutual help And mutual love, the Crown of all our bliss Ordain'd by thee, and this delicious place For us too large, where thy abundance wants Partakers, and uncropt falls to the ground.
And while they revel in the world of song, dance and melodramatic shenanigans, I often find myself severely out-of-place as a partaker in the utopian experience they weave around the world of films.
Despite the tremendous experience of both the London security forces and Arsenal as a permanent partaker in European football, the organisers were unfortunately not adequately prepared for the task.
Levitt specifically cited Nicolas Maduro's Venezuelan government as a partaker in Hezbollah's illicit drug dealing activities and suggested the U.
Chicago native Eric Partaker and Dan Houghton from London launched the chain after they met working for online video phone service Skype and their first restaurant, called 'Mucho Mas', opened in Islington in 2007.
Roman Starikovich, CEO of the travel and property Orpheus Group will lead the Autolife Team through the deserts, salt lakes, jungles and mountainous terrains of South America, together with his co-pilot, a multiple Dakar partaker, Bert Heskes of The Netherlands.
The first few bites are great, but enough is enough, leading to some unpleasant outcomes for the partaker.
But if anyone is a partaker through ignorance, instruct him quickly, and initiate him, that he may not go out and despise you.
Well may we ask the Venerable Margaret, in the words addressed to her by her confessor after her martyrdom, to obtain for us grace from Our Lord " that (we) may honour Him by imitation of thy happy life, and by any death, which He will give (us), to be partaker with thee and all holy saints of His kingdom, to whom be all glory and honour, now and for ever.
Stone was an early partaker of Ken Kesey's acid tests.
And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you" (1 Cor.
A careful reading of the Holy Scriptures would appear to show Jesus as a regular partaker and indeed the vintner of celebratory wine at the wedding feast at Cana (John:2 1-11) as well as his farewell Passover meal with his disciples and gave it sacramental status representing his own life's blood.
Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out" Timothy Leary, researcher and partaker of all things hallucinogenic; as well as historian William Manchester.
The partaker, whose entry was found to be the best on the creativity, theme and depiction basis, was Muhammad Osama of Karachi.
Bonaventure, in his Itinerarium mentis in Deum, traces the mystical journey of the spiritual wayfarer from the state of man posterior to the Fall of Adam and Eve to union with the Trinity as a partaker of the inter-Trinitarian love life.