partake in

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Synonyms for partake in

be active in

have, give, or receive a share of


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BEIRUT: The League of High School Teachers Friday announced it would not partake in the Union Coordination Committee's strike scheduled for next week and will seek to establish an independent union.
We will not partake in the Parliament sessions because it wiyld be unconstitutional (.
She said 'I do believe that I am pretty qualified to partake in the coming beauty pageant, which will be most probably held in the capital of Erbil".
Algiers, 07 September: Algeria will partake in a score of international fairs and exhibitions organized abroad in 2010, according to the official schedule worked out by the Ministry of Trade.
As part of our college and high school basketball preview, we take you inside the revamped Bud Walton Arena for a look at the premium seating and who gets to partake in it.
The program is designed to help New York City increase the local power grid's reliability in times of stress, specifically in areas served by Consolidated Edison (ConEd) and enable the city's commercial, industrial and residential buildings to partake in additional energy efficiency programs.
Her reminiscences on family, aging, teaching, travel, revelations, and inspirational moments are meant to encourage fellow human beings of all ages and senior citizens especially to experience more and partake in the catharsis of writing.
A celebration of the extraordinary tradition of Catholicism, that reaches out to the fellow reader to partake in the joys of faith, love, and reverence for God, May Crowning, Mass, and Merton is a passionate and wonderful testimony of true belief.
They have a passion for inclusiveness, for all Americans being allowed to sit at the table and partake in the American dream.
I encourage all members to partake in the enrichment opportunities provided by MTNA and your state.
In order to partake in the FTL program, each school had to qualify for federal funding (i.
Native American inmates were permitted to partake in food provided by the facility in association with their observance, and the restriction was imposed on all inmate religious groups.
Visitors had an opportunity to view a special centennial video and to partake in various tour options.
Their mission is to apply biblical truth to those who partake in extreme sports.
Residents in Terrace Bay and Marathon can now partake in the part-time certificate program on Friday mornings.