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someone who works less than the customary or standard time

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r e e d " A legal case has been ongoing over pay and conditions for part-timers.
Not only is the number of part-timers high, so is the number of course sections they teach.
In the Directorate of Place - functions in this include recycling, parks, street cleaning and housing - the number of senior managers would be reduced from 21 to 14, with one part-timer.
By counting part-timers instead of full-time equivalents, SBA acknowledges it is easing employment requirements for HUBZone companies.
St Mirren surged to the First Division title in 1976-77 with a team of part-timers under Alex Ferguson.
Part-timers can calculate their annual entitlement by multiplying the number of full days they work by 5.
The company has a history of promoting from within, with more than 90 of its current mid-level managers and two vice presidents having started their careers as part-timers.
Most physicians and administrators agree that part-timers work equally as hard as their full-time peers.
The Full-Time Part-Timer is an online adjunct employed at several institutions, working mainly as a freelancer.
She is clearly sympathetic--she was a part-timer for many years.
Filling the landscape that covers the globe's south pole, this poetic, diaristic account of watching the event emphasizes the line between part-timer and professional scientist that the artist effectively straddles.
Holiday entitlement is another issue that must be given further thought since a part-timer who works Tuesday to Thursday is likely to get few public holidays.
There is a market out there for would-be franchisees, says Staten, who has two employees, one full-time, the other a part-timer.
Signing the contracts [by part-timer workers] requires first [the drafting of] a new contract by the labor minister based on the labor and National Social Security laws," he said.
The hourly wage of a male part-timer is 53 percent - and that of a female part-timer is 69 percent - of the wages of a regularly employed worker in the same field.