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Synonyms for part-time

involving less than the standard or customary time for an activity



for less than the standard number of hours


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Brykman, an author and part-time consultant who has worked in marketing and product management, offers a guide for mothers to work-life balance, proposing that they work part-time to allow them to earn income, have a professional identity, and be at home and raise their children.
The study of more than 15 million teller transactions at more than 2,300 financial institution branches in March 2016 found that part-time tellers now work 27% of all total transaction-processing hours.
According to the OU in Wales, there has been an 11% decline in the number of part-time students in Wales since 2009-10 and there are fewer courses being offered.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) notes that "involuntary part-time work comprises three groups: 1) individuals who usually work full time but who are working part time because of economic slack, 2) individuals who usually work part time but are working fewer hours in their part-time jobs because of economic slack and 3) those working part time because full-time work could not be found.
5 percent in mid-1996 and late 2004, part-time work for economic reasons was at 3.
Figures from the TUC show that almost 60% of women working part-time in jobs in the Huddersfield area earn less than the Living Wage of PS7.
According to Eurostat, in Cyprus, the percentage of people working part-time in 2014 was 14% and the underemployed 9.
On August 28, which is two-thirds of the way through 2014, it is effectively the last day this year that women working part-time get paid.
Crowley of Kingston, Ontario, is appointed as a part-time member in the Ontario region.
Prior to her appearance, Congress paid scant attention to part-time professors, even as their number grew to more than 1 million.
Prospective part-time employees will have to seek their employers' approval if the work is of a similar nature to their full-time job.
Instead of hiring full-time instructors, LCC increasingly relies on part-time faculty to teach the majority of its courses, and for almost solely economic reasons: part-time instructors are paid approximately 30 percent less than full-time faculty for teaching the same courses.
WASHINGTON -- It's an issue that hasn't gotten much attention, but should be a red alert for first-time buyers and others who supplement their incomes with part-time work: Though part-time earnings are playing an increasingly important role in the post-recession American economy, the income you earn part time may not count when you go to buy a house.
American workers who found themselves in part-time positions in the aftermath of the economic downturn still struggle to find full-time work and are much more likely to be living in poverty than their peers with full-time work, according to new research from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire.
Not surprising, a majority of lawyers working on a part-time basis are women.