parson's nose

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the tail of a dressed fowl

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Fraid not, friends: you see, by the time we assemble to shed a tartan tear for the Flower o' Scotland Berwick-upon-Tweed, currently at the top end of England, might well find itself as the parson's nose of Scotland.
Pope's Nose (the rump of a turkey), still common in parts of North America, but omits the interchangeable variant Parson's Nose.
Pack stuffing (see my recipe, right) into the body cavity, then secure the legs and the Parson's nose with a piece of string.
But Co Down tops the bill with six - the Pheasant in Annahilt, the Poacher's Pocket in Comber, the Parson's Nose and Plough Inn, both in Hillsborough, Pier 36 in Donaghadee and Balloo House in Killinchy.
Jared's body was found on Saturday by other walkers on a 2,500ft ridge near a precarious route known as Parson's Nose.
To prepare the chicken, remove the parson's nose and trim up any excess fat and, with a sharp knife, score the legs with two or three incisions, this will make the legs crispy and allow them to cook quicker.
The Parson's Nose of Suck-ley, Worcestershire, won the Heart of England Fine Foods (HEFF) award for the traditional pork breakfast sausage.
l Seventy varieties of sausages from the Parson's Nose in Suckley, Herefordshirefree-range, rare-breed pork, lamb, venison and beef from Happy Meats in Stanford Bridge, Worcestershire, and oven-ready ducklings from Bakewell Ducks, Hartlebury.
Transfer the turkey to a warmed platter and remove the parson's nose, wings and tips of the drumsticks; reserve these for the gravy.
Cut away the parson's nose and any excess fat from around the cavity of the chicken.
The most recent incident happened on Monday when a squatter was rescued from the former Parson's Nose takeaway.
In closing I hope that Mr Skidmore enjoyed his one minute of fame as delighted Moors supporters chanted 'One Roger Skidmore, there's only one Roger Skidmore', and may I suggest that he should not have to look too far this week for his 'Turkey of the Week' award, as it is right under his own Parson's Nose, which he regularly talks out of.
If in doubt, run around in ever-decreasing circles until your beak is firmly up your parson's nose.
To prepare the chicken remove the parson's nose and trim up any excess fat.