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analyze syntactically by assigning a constituent structure to (a sentence)

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His research in this area has included work in the subareas of part-of-speech tagging, probabilistic context-free grammar induction, and, more recently, syntactic disambiguation through word statistics, efficient syntactic parsing, and lexical resource acquisition through statistical means.
Parsing algorithm of Use Case model is presented in Fig.
Keywords: Keyword based parsing parsing search E-Learning electronic feedback (e-Feedback)
HL7 middleware that lacks a lenient parsing capability is compromised in these all-too-common scenarios, rendering the software practically useless,” said Neil Schappert, president of PilotFish Technology.
Abstract: The LR(k)-method uses two tables, which describe the behavior of a push-down authomat, used during the parsing process.
TRX Inc (NASDAQ:TRXI), a US-based company engaged in travel technology and data services, has announced enhanced access to travel reservation data through the TRX Passenger Name Record (PNR) Parsing utility for travel agencies.
A new algorithm for parsing using intraclausal coordination and clause detection is described.
com) has introduced a new open source product, OpenPipeline, which is designed for crawling, parsing, analyzing and routing documents.
Computational linquistic text processing; lexicon, grammar, parsing and anaphora resolution.
Mistaken assumptions in the course of programming the parsing code create constellations which enable the infiltration and subsequent running of programme code.
The serial I/O capabilities with NMEA sentence parsing allow the user to add GPS data to embedded system designs.
based FXpress, includes integrated functionality to support bank statement management and reporting and operational transaction parsing with integrated cash accounting.
The National Council of Teachers of English passed a resolution in 1985 saying that parsing sentences and other grammar exercises divorced from real-life application don't help students become better readers or writers.