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Boulding (1954, 6-7) asserts that the type of personality that emerges from market behavior and market institutions is devoid of the "richness of full human relationship," and insists that economic man is more than the sum of certain minor virtues and vices such as honesty, thriftiness, industriousness, niggardliness, parsimoniousness, and chicanery.
2] values were examined to inform which set of predictors led to the most parsimoniousness model, where parsimonious refers to the highest level of explanatory power of the entire model ([R.
Despite the fact that Buddy immediately steals her car, the audience is encouraged to condemn the woman for her racism and parsimoniousness.
For example quality of coefficients, parsimoniousness of the model, conformity of the error term to a white-noise process, and smallness of the forecast errors.
Beginning with perhaps Descartes, and certainly culminating in the Enlightenment, a parsimoniousness descended upon the description of things.
For an insightful critique of the left's "romance of parsimoniousness and asceticism," see Jesse Lemisch and Naomi Weisstein, "Cornucopia Isn't Consumerism," Against the Current (Jan.
The only reason for running the branch line down and the refusal to build a new station for the football stadium (a common-sense idea) is parsimoniousness.