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a unit of astronomical length based on the distance from Earth at which stellar parallax is 1 second of arc


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Parsec also offers custom antenna design and device layout and optimization.
With the Parsec antennas, the complete receiver features the industry's 'smallest landed footprint' making it suitable for use in wearable electronics, UBI devices or adapters for the mobile computing industry.
Thomas Muth, director of marketing at Parsec Automation, said, 'Fiat Powertrain, in pursuit of WCM, has taken full advantage of TrakSYS operations and performance industrial automation technology to enable an integrated solution that will be continuously improving plant efficiency and reliability.
Hefner will work more on the marketing and business side and handle marketing for the entire Parsec company.
On the other hand, up-close-and-personal scrutiny of this supernova may reveal oddities that someday invalidate the faith astronomers have placed in type 1a parsec sticks.
Parsec specialises in energy audits and is an accredited low-carbon consultant, as well as carrying out mechanical and electrical building services design.
Parsec has since pumped in another pounds 1 million.
NEW YORK & PARIS & SALT LAKE CITY -- AdaCore, leading provider of Ada tools and support, and PARSEC Group, a full-service IT support, training and consulting company, today announced a partnership arrangement that will benefit Ada users porting applications from older HP hardware to Itanium-based Integrity server platforms running OpenVMS, HP-UX, or GNU/Linux.
This time I had a chance to put the company's newest flagship CCD camera--the Orion Parsec 8300--through its paces.
American-owned Parsec says the number of distributors using the terminal is already 20 per cent above target since the opening by Deputy Prime Minister Mr John Prescott in July.
Applying this calibration to the elliptical galaxies in the Coma cluster, the team found a distance of about 345 million light-years and a Hubble constant between 61 and 77 kilometers per second per megaparsec (1 parsec is 3.
Orion Telescopes & Binoculars expands its line of affordable imaging equipment with the introduction of its most advanced CCD camera yet--the Orion Parsec 8300C Astronomical Imaging Camera ($2,499.
The Princeton astronomer finds that a cluster with an average density equivalent to one solar mass per cubic parsec [35 cubic light-years] would dissociate into separate stars in about 200 million years.
The global manufacturer plans to use the Parsec technology to alert operators on production stoppage events and capture information useful for analyzing process improvements and efficiency gain.
Our vision is to develop such technologically advanced software solutions dedicated to manufacturing performance management that will allow the users to focus on the relevance and utilization of information instead of struggling with the technology, integration and deployment," said Eddy Azad, President and CEO for Parsec.