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a unit of astronomical length based on the distance from Earth at which stellar parallax is 1 second of arc


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Thomas Muth, director of marketing at Parsec Automation, said, 'Fiat Powertrain, in pursuit of WCM, has taken full advantage of TrakSYS operations and performance industrial automation technology to enable an integrated solution that will be continuously improving plant efficiency and reliability.
Hefner will work more on the marketing and business side and handle marketing for the entire Parsec company.
Suzanne Henty, the Business Link account manager who has supported the couple with the launch and development of Parsec, said: "Shaun and Beverley are excellent examples of individuals who have realised their ambitions of self employment, and to start, sustain and grow their business.
We see PARSEC Group complementing AdaCore's offerings by supplying specific expertise on HP hardware and operating system issues.
In addition to PaRSEC, Dongarra is part of an international group working to evaluate potential rewards and obstacles in designing exascale supercomputers.
Understanding what drives profitability is the Holy Grail of manufacturing," says Eddy Azad, President and CEO of Parsec.
The others underpin Parsec of Europe's freight terminal, at the Hams Hall manufacturing and distribution park on the outskirts of Coleshill.
American-owned Parsec says the number of distributors using the terminal is already 20 per cent above target since the opening by Deputy Prime Minister Mr John Prescott in July.
The global manufacturer plans to use the Parsec technology to alert operators on production stoppage events and capture information useful for analyzing process improvements and efficiency gain.
PARSEC Becomes Only Second Company Certified in North America
Our vision is to develop such technologically advanced software solutions dedicated to manufacturing performance management that will allow the users to focus on the relevance and utilization of information instead of struggling with the technology, integration and deployment," said Eddy Azad, President and CEO for Parsec.
Based on experience and competitive rates, the field has been narrowed to two, In-Terminal and PARSEC, both from Illinois.
0 incorporates new capabilities that further elevate Parsec customers' ability to collect data, analyze events critical to productivity enhancements, determine root causes for bottlenecks, improve quality yield, reduce cycle time, lower cost of production, streamline raw materials inventory, facilitate planning and scheduling, increase effective asset utilization, and help lower capital expenditure for new assets.
More than seventeen systems integrators joined Parsec's Global Partner Program Parsec Automation Corp.