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analyze syntactically by assigning a constituent structure to (a sentence)

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We get a ton of inbound requests for this integration, so we're happy to further simplify this piece of the mobile puzzle for both Parse and MailChimp customers.
Our work with the Parse Push service gives MyQ users peace of mind by connecting them to family activities as they come and go from home," said Cory Sorice, Vice President of Marketing for Chamberlain Connected Products and Ecommerce.
19, but couldn't stop Parse, who split through the defense and finished with a Bobby Orr-like dive at 8:54 of the first period.
On Tuesday they found another way to win without injured veterans Ryan Smyth and Rob Scuderi and got goals from the rookie Parse and Richardson, Justin Williams and Randy Jones.
You play your whole life to make it here and score a goal, so this is great," said Parse, a 25-year-old who played at Nebraska-Omaha.
Now, for example, when a receipt is sent to NeatCloud it will automatically parse information to multiple new data fields such as tracking numbers to speed obtaining shipment status; vendor contact information to simplify obtaining product support; and purchase orders to streamline accounting processes.
The chief's comments came a day after the Police Commission expressed similar frustrations and suggested that the city abandon its project to parse the data to determine whether the LAPD is engaging in racial profiling.
Users also get unlimited freedom to save and organize their objects including test sets, test credit files, and parse maps.
com), the market leader in cloud communications, today announced at its third annual TwilioCon an updated Cloud Code Module for Parse (https://www.
4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Parse Capital, LLC announces the closing of an $8.