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analyze syntactically by assigning a constituent structure to (a sentence)

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The Parse nurse addresses spirituality with every dialogical engagement.
Now follow steps 2 and 3 from the guide and install the Parse SDK in the directory of choice.
Previous work at IBM on the Avatar project for enterprise search used heuristics to parse keyword search queries to a grammar.
The Wall Street Journal reported, quoting unnamed insiders, that Facebook was acquiring Parse in a cash-and-stock deal worth some USD85m (EUR65.
Only direct dependencies on the input and some parse results remain dynamic.
Lotus main menu, click on Range, Parse, Create and OK.
In response to these needs, we have constructed a notation, with associated language processing tools, for annotating a parse tree with transformation rules.
India, April 26 -- Facebook is planning to buy San Francisco based Parse - a startup specializing in boosting mobile apps so as to make the Facebook experience friendlier to smartphones and tablet computers.
We present a simple algorithm based on parsing LR(k) sentential forms that can incrementally parse an arbitrary number of textual and/or structural modifications in optimal time and with no storage overhead.
Thus, finding the correct parse corresponds to determining the correct meaning.
To separate text that contains values you want to work with into different columns in Lotus, you must use the program's /Data Parse command.