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gaudy tropical fishes with parrotlike beaks formed by fusion of teeth

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Although it has improved in terms of the management of fisheries and the protection of parrotfish, no improvements were reported in terms of regulating wastewater management.
Therefore, declines in local parrotfish biomass may indicate that reefs surrounding Guam are less resilient to such events.
So does an animal called the parrotfish, which cloaks itself in mucus to deter predators while it sleeps.
Ellen Wittlinger's Parrotfish tells the story of Grady, who is not only transitioning to male but also making the transition from homeschooling to public high school.
Three other varieties -- parrotfish, rabbit fish and red-toothed triggerfish -- also swam to freedom in the waters off the aquarium in Al Khan area.
Sharjah - Sharjah Aquarium released marine species including hammour and parrotfish as part of an event celebrating World Oceans Day on Monday.
Parrotfish found the nursery-raised corals particularly tasty.
filefish (Altera scripta), trigger fish (Melichtys vidua), parrotfish (Scarus ovifrons), blue humphead parrotfish (Ypsiscarus ovifrons), and even locally caught sardines and xanthid crabs (Demania reynaudii).
There were fish of every hue gliding past us in groups--green blue parrotfish, yellow Angel fish, Butterfly fish, sea horses and other marine life.
One special dish to sample is the parrotfish which came grilled to perfection and tasted like steak.
More than 40 per cent of the kelp and algal beds in southern Japan have disappeared since the 1990s due to overgrazing of rabbitfish and parrotfish.
While it does pose a serious threat by making oceans more acidic and causing bleaching, the report shows that the loss of parrotfish and sea urchins - the area's two main grazers - has, in fact, been the key driver of coral decline in the region.
But the study found the loss of parrotfish and sea urchin -- the area's main "grazers" -- was by far the biggest driver of coral decline.
Price said that before the mid-Cretaceous, the early antecedents of the fish species we associate with reefs today like wrasse, parrotfish, clownfish, were unlikely to be living on reefs.