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by rote

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I FAIL to see how being able to recite facts parrot-fashion can be a guide to intelligence - and I speak as someone who could do just that.
While this aid overhaul takes place, Britain's mean-hearted, who have misquoted Fuller, should ponder the folly of trotting out, parrot-fashion, illconceived trifles of mantras whose wisdom is clearly wasted on them.
But that's the way to crack it, just repetition, just trying to get the vocal patterns parrot-fashion, so that when the cameras are rolling, you don't have to think about them, and you just do them automatically.
In a country where so many 'respected' newspapers simply repeat parrot-fashion what's said in a White House press release, The New Republic prided itself on printing articles and opinions that could make a mark on public policy and new laws.
Why can't Blair and Straw see this and drop their parrot-fashion agreement with everything Bush and Powell say?
HAVE A Nice Day - that insincere phrase repeated parrot-fashion by millions of workers every day - is on the way out.
The tales described how they could be heard 'murmuring' to one another, and how, parrot-fashion, they repeated back words spoken to them.
But when she strays from the syllabus that they've all learned parrot-fashion, they're not quite so confident.
They all deliver manifestoes, parrot-fashion,concerning the old favourites - schools,hospitals and public safety.
This is a skill they have developed during their careers and is not something that can be learned parrot-fashion or memorised when training to be a teacher.