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by rote

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Journalists were not trained to investigate, only to report parrot-fashion what the leaders told them.
STEVE Emerson, of Fox News, told his American viewers that our city is a no-go area for non-Muslims, a ridiculous claim he repeated parrot-fashion and without thought.
We know it's joint enterprise law because once you heard it mentioned, it was repeated ad nauseum, until it sort of felt we were expected to repeat it parrot-fashion like school.
Across Bute Terrace past St David's School, where you could hear the times table being recited parrot-fashion every day, and then past the Lifeboat and Queen's Head and then into Union Street.
BRITISH kids can't speak French because they merely learn sentences parrot-fashion, according to an expensive government report.
At the time I put it down to a parrot-fashion recital of his PR department's weekly Zeitgeist Briefing but having just seen the show on CBeebies, I realise he was telling the truth.
It is said by those who trot out the same nonsensical lines parrot-fashion as a shield against failure that there are no easy games in international football.
Mythical tales have been told in the region for generations of a race of little people that "murmured" to one another and repeated back words spoken to them, parrot-fashion.
The tales described how they could be heard ``murmuring'' to one another, and how, parrot-fashion, they repeated back words spoken to them.
It's not the Democrats and it's certainly not a media that, until recently, repeated White House press releases parrot-fashion.
These are not simply parrot-fashion retreads of tracks 1, 5 and 9 from your favourite CD to listen to in the car.
The only way is to learn tables parrot-fashion and practise with grammar exercises until it all soaks in - so there are some late nights ahead.
I FAIL to see how being able to recite facts parrot-fashion can be a guide to intelligence - and I speak as someone who could do just that.
But there seemed little belief in the words that she has learned to recite almost parrot-fashion over 13 years of frustration on the All England Club's green acres.
The second half contains more of the promised local material, and Steel has been nothing if not thorough - there is a real sense that he is truly taking in information about the places he is in rather than regurgitating, parrot-fashion.