parrot disease

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infectious disease of birds


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But after just a few months Louis, who would be expected to live for up to 60 years, had expired from a rare parrot disease.
The park's sole misfortune had been recent media attention for an outbreak of parrot disease in some of its feathered creatures.
This compendium provides information on AC (also known as psittacosis, ornithosis, and parrot fever) and psittacosis (also known as parrot disease, parrot fever, and chlamydiosis) to public health officials, veterinarians, physicians, the companion-bird industry, and others concerned with control of the disease and protection of public health.
Experts did tests which confirmed the parrot disease, psittacosis.
Parrot disease, Q fever and pasteurellosis are among little-known diseases transmitted by pets, and the site tells of a case in which a primary school boy was mistakenly diagnosed as having influenza but after going through various hospitals it was discovered he had Q fever.