parrot's beak

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evergreen shrub with scarlet to white clawlike or beaklike flowers

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Weighing more than a ton with a parrot's beak and dagger-like claws, Gigantoraptor was a far-from-pretty Polly.
The fluid nature of the population in the Parrot's Beak and the porous borders mean that instability in any of the three countries impacts on the others almost instantaneously.
The best way I can describe him is like a pigeon with a parrot's beak.
There's a deep finger choil, serrated thumb ramp on the blade and a rounded parrot's beak pommel, all of which help control the Desert Cruiser in multiple grip positions.
A I THINK you may be referring to clianthus puniceus, which does have scarlet flowers and is commonly called a parrot's beak, but is usually grown as a climber in a greenhouse.
Back in the Parrot's Beak, Sierra Leonean, Guinean, and Liberian government forces, rebel armies, proxy militias, and criminal gangs have preyed upon civilians as often as they have attacked one another.