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someone who kills his or her parent

the murder of your own father or mother

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02) between parricide rates and the rates for criminal violence in the United States from 1977 to 1988.
Whatever one thinks of his treatment of them, Weinreb proposes by his title theme a very interesting set of questions: "Did Oedipus have a right not to suffer divine punishment because of his unwitting parricide and incest?
But recent clemency actions on behalf of children imprisoned for parricide have focused on another type of betrayal - the breach of a child's love and trust by a parent's emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.
Infanticide, Jocasta assumes, then and now, is a lesser offense than parricide and regicide.
More properly, as Meaney qualifies, in the Irish literary tradition the Oedipal relation never reaches resolution, but is rather present in its pathological variant, characterized by failed patriarchs, bad fathers, parricide, and arrested Oedipal development:
Si le maitre charpentier Remois Jehan Pussot, ardent catholique, signala sobrement la mort du << tirand Henry de Vallois >> dans son journal, le magistrat royaliste Etienne Pasquier deplora 1'<< execrable parricide >> du roi << le plus Catholic qui fut oncques, entre tous les Catholics >> (41).
provision punishing parricide more severely than other forms of
Readers can come to their own conclusions about the possibility that, historically, a king like the parricide Ajatasattu would have sent his Chief Minister to ask a wandering holy man, publicly, [Emphasis added] how to set about attacking and conquering a neighboring territory.
In the mid-1990s, McCarty turned to labor-intensive, psychosexual drawings, initially in response to the true-life pulp tale of 1970s teenage parricide Marlene Olive in Richard Levine's 1982 novel Bad Blood.
He said WHO is providing parricide in abundance to the concerned departments of flood affected areas with the collaboration of federal as well as provincial governments to prevent mosquitoes to breed more.
Once the king stared into the starless pit, he beheld in the frothing ripples the marriage of the earth and the sun from which a child was born who schemed for parricide so as to rejoin the abyssal depths to which it illegitimately belonged and to reenact once again the absolute freedom of alien depths.
He cries for the deaths of the child soldiers aptly named Sekou the Terrible and Sosso the Parricide, and in his proposed oration for Siponni the Viper, Birahima reveals admiration for the boy's treachery.
In "Dostoevsky and Parricide," Freud expresses the consequences of repressed hatred toward the father characteristic of the Oedipal complex in the formulation: '"You wanted to kill your father in order to be your father yourself.
The family is a living reality, which, in this occasion, expects from it members an outward demonstration of complete cohesion, thereby supposing the implementation of a protective silence intended to support the guilty while protecting the family circle," concludes Sylvie Lapalus after studying cases of parricide.