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someone who kills his or her parent

the murder of your own father or mother

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The supreme example of John's semi-outlaw prince is his discussion of the notorious crime of parricide.
As Andrew Todd Irving notes, "Maupassant spares no one in his description of illegitimacy"; the guilt lies with the parricide, with the parents who engendered a son they refused to acknowledge, and with a society that oppresses the esteem of the illegitimate child (140).
Hillbrand M, Cipriano T Commentary: Parricide - Unanswered questions, methodological obstacles, and legal considerations.
La oU Jung tachera d'eliminer la religion et l'ethique de la problematique tellement difficile des complexes familiaux, dans le but d'attribuer au phenomene religieux un role originaire sans incidences agressives et sexuelles, Freud gardera son choix contraire : la religion et l'ethique trouvent leurs moments initiaux dans le parricide consecutif a un monopole sexuel.
The Supreme Court also overturned its precedent in the Parricide Case (24) by holding that the parricide provision of the Criminal Code, which imposed a heavier penalty against parricide than regular homicide, was unconstitutional.
Such authors as Shelley, Dumas, Hawthorne, Stendhal and Artaud have written about Cenci before, but this month the Georgetown Theatre Company tackles her dark story from a decidedly female perspective in Belle Parricide, an evening of five plays by Lori Fischer, Monique LaForce, Rebecca Nesvet, Lucy Tyler and Alia Faith Williams.
The common themes found in the literature on parricide should be interpreted cautiously because of the limitations of this research.
In the mid-1990s, McCarty turned to labor-intensive, psychosexual drawings, initially in response to the true-life pulp tale of 1970s teenage parricide Marlene Olive in Richard Levine's 1982 novel Bad Blood.
A brooding psychological study of the effects of a parricide on the killer's younger brother in rural Spain, Santiago Garcia de Leaniz's feature debut "The Night of the Brother" combines subtlety and intensity into a rich, understated and well-played whole.
The work ends on a heart-stopping note: A man and woman step forward and read names of those wrongly convicted for murder, parricide, rape, child molestation, with the length of imprisonment.
The case of Miss Lisbeth Borden of Fall River, Massachusetts, the fair New England parricide, is to America what Jack the Ripper is to old England, both cases transcending their lowest common multiple -- homicide -- and passing into almost-proud legend.
Whereas incest and parricide are the foretold destiny of Oedipus, that which causes his tragedy and Jocasta's destruction, here incest and parricide are by-products of the institution of slavery.
Casting is under way for the independent feature, ``Death Row Dolls'' - shades of '50s B-grade drive-in fare - and includes such femmes fatales as a woman who burned down a modeling agency, another who broke a man's neck while fist-fighting in a parking lot and an ``angry blonde'' who committed parricide.
02) between parricide rates and the rates for criminal violence in the United States from 1977 to 1988.
Wrote Foucault, 'We fell under the spell of the parricide with the red-dish-brown eyes.