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Synonyms for paroxysm

Synonyms for paroxysm

a condition of anguished struggle and disorder

a violent, excruciating seizure of pain

Synonyms for paroxysm

a sudden uncontrollable attack

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and Milady twisted her arms as if in a paroxysm of grief.
I am seized with a terrible, perhaps mortal illness; I can feel that the paroxysm is fast approaching.
A knowledge of its faded and jaded condition made the charge ap- pear like a paroxysm, a display of the strength that comes before a final feebleness.
The sight of one was sufficient, at any time, to throw them into a paroxysm of eagerness and delight; and they were ready to give anything they had for the smallest fragment in which they might behold their squalid features.
Many tears rolled down, which she wiped away, again and again, with her handkerchief; some distressed sobs escaped her, and then, the paroxysm over, she sat quiet as before.
Seeing, as he thought, the captain obstinately bent upon abandoning his uncle and the others, he seized a pistol, and in a paroxysm of wrath swore he would blow out the captain's brains, unless he put about or shortened sail.
Again tears at the bracelet in a paroxysm of rage, with inarticulate sounds.
Huneefa's crisis passed, as these things must, in a paroxysm of howling, with a touch of froth at the lips.
Within the niche Lady Arabella cowered in a paroxysm of fear.
To hear a hound upon the moor would not work a hard man like this convict into such a paroxysm of terror that he would risk recapture by screaming wildly for help.
I gave him nearly half a glassful, and his paroxysm subsided a little as he sat hunched up in a chair.
I stood in the open valley, between the oak-plantation and my desolate cottage, and I kissed my tiny, twisted note again and again in a paroxysm of passion and of insensate joy.
There was evidently, he concluded, something at work here; some storm of the mind, some paroxysm of romantic anger, goodness knows against whom or what, some insatiable contempt--in a word, something altogether absurd and impossible, but at the same time most dangerous to be met with by any respectable person with a position in society to keep up.
Even in the paroxysm of his grief he would not have dared to profane the dead, or for the first time disturb the slumber of his master.
In Smolensk, at the Malakhov Gate, he had hardly dozed off in a paroxysm of fever before he was awakened by the bombardment of the town- and Smolensk held out all day long.