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a humorous play on words

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As we can see, Jean Starobinski has two counterarguments to Saussurian theory: one belonging to Claude Levi-Strauss' structural anthropology regarding the "DIY theory", and the other one pertaining to paronomasia as alliteration, as natural occurrence within the text.
Utilizando el ambiente ludico evocado yjugando con la paronomasia (vease nota 40 y texto correspondiente), Cervantes hubiera podido crear al personaje de Diego de Ratos: "y a cabo de rato = Iacobo de rato = Diego de Ratos".
Isso porque a regularidade silabica subjacente corresponde de fato uma grande quantidade de assonancias, aliteracoes e ate paronomasias, sobre as vogais [i] (lisos, vagido, sussubmisso, saliva, lisa, retira, datiloscrita, sido, signos, escrita), [e] e [e] (ela, ergue, joelhos, embolos, comeca, escorrer, escrever), no texto em portugues, e, no texto em frances, sobre as consoantes /s/ (dresse, flexion, lisse, texte, salive, retrace, trace, saturation, souvenir, sans, consonnent, subsume, contexte) e /r/ (dresse, retire, dactyloecrit, ecrire, retrace, trace, parfum, produit, ecriture, polyparole etc).
As a way of conclusion, it might help us to determine a little more about the nature of this ambiguity to contemplate briefly the question as to where the devices we normally identify with the poetic function--assonance, say, and alliteration, repetition, return, permutation, paronomasia, etc.
Peterfreund's delight in the rhetoric of paronomasia is evident when he characterizes the culture Beatrice lives in as "at once patriarchal and petrarchal.
Lanca mao de diversos recursos para promover a sua memorizacao e cadencia ritmica, como por exemplo, a rima, aliteracao, repeticao ou oposicao de palavras, paronomasia, elipses.
valdra aqui, una vez mas, la paronomasia italiana traduttore: traditore?
Este aspecto esta marcado por los espejeos de sentido provocados por la paronomasia casi anagramatica que enhebra y vincula "cuerpo" con "cuervo" con "cruel.
Linguists who prefer big words call this paronomasia.
Sunt autem multae schematum species, sed eminentiores hae: prolepsis, zeugma, hypozeuxis, sylepsis, anadiplosis, anafora, epanalepsis, epizeuxis, paronomasia, schesis onomaton, paromoeon, homoeoteleuton, homoeoptoton, poliptoton, hirmos, polisindeton, dialyton.
The work divides into a general overview of etymological practice before Vergil, a survey and analysis of various techniques and features of etymological wordplay (such as paronomasia, allusion, glossing, framing, clustering, vertical juxtaposition, the use of kennings and allusion, etc.
Venice is Venus by paronomasia, and Venus, whose beauty was born of the sea, is also a metaphor for Venice.
By means of a clever paronomasia, "cupio" occupies "copia": wealth becomes want.
Partnering Paronomasia at Carlisle two years ago, he forgot the extended two-mile-one-furlong handicap start was shared with a sprint and collected a seven-day ban for failing to acquaint himself with the course.