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a limitation of views or interests like that defined by a local parish

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But also because we cannot let parochialism hold us back again.
They try to influence court decisions," Kaira said, alleging that Nawaz Sharif was promoting parochialism and reviving 90s-like politics.
British football supporters are often accused of parochialism but for my money the Johnstones Paint Trophy is the best knockout tournament split into north and south sections and competed for by teams from the bottom two professional leagues in the world.
This article is the third in a three-part series on the internal barriers that fear creates in organizations: parochialism, territorialism, and empire building.
The PPP leader said that Pakistan was passing through a critical juncture and in this circumstances the nationalism should be promoted instead of fanning parochialism.
As mercilessly as Stevenson--part cultural historian, part paranoid conspiracy theorist--lampoons forgotten moments of artistic hubris, misjudgment, and parochialism, his nuanced pseudo-documentary installations and films belie a fascination with, even an empathy for, the romance of pretense and failure.
Branding Cities: Cosmopolitanism, Parochialism, and Social Change.
NZNO industrial adviser Glenda Alexander said the issue was not simply a case of regional parochialism.
Summary: TAIF: Parochialism reached new levels when a hospital in Taif was turned into a virtual battleground.
As we fail to care enough about the value of what we believe to share it forcefully and effectively with others, we contribute by our inaction to seeping parochialism.
Academicians say there are historical, linguistic and economic reasons that do not allow parochialism to sprout in Delhi.
This volume also discusses the obstacles created by war, access to water, transnational pharmaceutical corporations, imperialism, global mismanagement of food resources and "moral parochialism.
IT is a testament to both the parochialism and deep-routed insularity of Brown's largely Tory critics that they would prefer to forget or ignore the hugeness of his achievement at the recent G20 conference where through long persuasion and deep commitment he gathered together politicians of vastly divergent backgounds and with different needs and priorities, to forge an international agreement towards meeting the financial crisis.
The writers of the commission's report showed their own parochialism by referring to the barriers Asian Americans face as a "bamboo ceiling.
And in the process of defining equity, they have proven that parochialism reigns higher than serving the region as a whole.