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Synonyms for parochial

Synonyms for parochial

having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

Synonyms for parochial

narrowly restricted in outlook or scope


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By dint of constant repetition, however, these constitutional sights had very little more interest for me than so many parochial vestries; and I was glad to exchange this one for a lounge in a well-arranged public library of some ten thousand volumes, and a visit to a tobacco manufactory, where the workmen are all slaves.
children attend public school, but parents' choices of public, private, parochial or home-school are related to parents' education level, income and religion.
Whickham Parochial w ere crowned champions after beating Milecastle 5-3 in the final.
While Fullan's book is primarily focused on the principalship from a public school perspective, the tenets provided are equally applicable to parochial school princpalships.
Parochial groups lack a strong central command, and instead are made up of powerful factions based on local networks.
Joseph Elementary has 151 students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, which is similar to other parochial schools, according to Mr.
As a result, the Government ruled in 2003 that any liabilities connected to a property would lapse once that property was sold - unless the local parochial church council registered its claim before 2013.
Older people gathered at Marsden Parochial Hall on Wednesday for the first Meet and Eat event.
A RETIRED priest accused of sexual assault has continued to live in a parochial house - despite his own diocese demanding he leaves.
According to the study, suicide attacks are an extreme form of parochial altruism, meaning a combination of a narrow-minded view of the world and extreme self-sacrifice.
Conscience in the Parochial and plain sermons of John Henry Newman.
PAROCHIAL is an interesting word which comes from the word parish, meaning of narrow or limited view.
Each district receives the full benefits of parochial spending, while bearing only 1/nth of the cost.
SIR - The fact that "public service broadcasters" have a statutory obligation to provide regional news has come as a surprise to those of us who live in North Wales - for years we have had to listen to parochial events from South Wales and endless reports of South Wales rugby and Cardiff and Swansea football.