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Synonyms for parochial

Synonyms for parochial

having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

Synonyms for parochial

narrowly restricted in outlook or scope


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One of the great difficulties in this region, which is nothing new, is that it is very difficult to deal with the regional questions - that have to be dealt with - because it's a region that's very fragmented with local governments, with parochial governments,'' said William Fulton, a senior scholar at the University of Southern California School of Planning, Policy and Development.
Ten years later the Catholic bishops decided to launch a major campaign to secure government aid for school choice, including the use of vouchers to provide tax funds for parochial schools.
With such a global vision and broad embrace, it isn't surprising that parochial discussions and divisions became so unimportant.
Reason: What is the distinction between taking a Pell grant and going to a Catholic university and taking a voucher and going to a parochial school?
The Archdiocese supports 136 inner-city parochial schools, which provide education to almost 51,000 children of various religious and ethnic backgrounds.
As it happens, parochial schools were a much more viable alternative for blacks than whites.
Scholarship Chicago today announced it will honor college-bound seniors representing every public, private, and parochial school in Chicago at its 10th annual Chicago Scholars Awards Reception on Tuesday, July 11, 2006.
Lois Robinson, chair of Friends of Whickham Parochial Primary School, said: "It was outstanding to see all the children bringing in a few tokens each every day and for Zara to bring in 6,000 was amazing; she had used her initiative.
Students need not be Catholic to receive an award, according to the CEF, the nation's largest philanthropic organization supporting parochial schools.
Parochial school attendance has declined since 1965 from about 5.
Subtitled The Story of a Fire, Kuenster's and Cowan's text recounts the tale of a disastrous blaze that swept through Our Lady of Angels Parochial School on the afternoon of Dec.
The clear majority of the 1,239 adults surveyed -- 70 percent -- indicated support for a government-funded voucher system which would provide a certain amount of money for each child so that parents could send children to the public, private or parochial schools of the parents' choice.
Montebello, Garvey and Alhambra Unified School Districts and the East Los Angeles parochial schools.
Pupils at Gateshead's Whickham Parochial Primary School have their very own adventure trim trail packed with equipment to liven up their lunch breaks.
And the instructors perform core teaching functions at parochial school.