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Synonyms for parley

Synonyms for parley

the act or process of dealing with another to reach an agreement

an exchange of views in an attempt to reach a decision

a meeting for the exchange of views

to meet and exchange views to reach a decision

Words related to parley

a negotiation between enemies

discuss, as between enemies

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The winning team, Parley, gets an automatic spot in the Cloud Showdown co-hosted by Boast Capital and the Canadian Cloud Council on March 11th, 2013.
A separate parley between the quartet envoys and aides of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was scheduled for the afternoon, according to a report of the German Press Agency "DPA".
1381: Peasants' Revolt leader Wat Tyler was killed, apparently by Lord Mayor of London William Walworth, as he held a parley with 14-year-old King Richard II.
1700: The Parley of Instruments The names of several littleknown composers leap out from this compilation, which combines the work of British musicians with those who came to these shores after the Restoration of Charles II.
Mandate for the PML-N leader's parley with the prime minister was decided in a high-level party meeting convened by PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif in Raiwind on Sunday.
It was decided that scouts should be kept out, and that when the Indians were known to be near a committee of residents should be appointed to meet and hold a parley with them.
Nottingham's Davis Parley seemed to have trouble seeing the puck in the air, while Blaze's defence appeared incapable of clearing the area around their goal.
com and last week Robert Parley of Ellon, Aberdeenshire,answered that Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins were to fight in Las Vegas.
The parley, hosted by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, is the first in a series of talks President George W.
The Ottoman empire lost control of half of their European territories which led to the long, slow, decline and inevitable collapse, even as the Hapbsburgs were able to parley the Viennese victory into control of the Balkans and expand their influence into France and the Rhine country.
Parley Hellewell, a Republican from Orem, called the hearing to air his anger over court decisions applying church-state separation.
The measure by Assemblywomen Fran Parley, is an expansion of the state's effort to recycle electronic waste.
Oddie will then set off with other local ramblers across nearby Parley Common - an area of heath newly mapped as access land - to find out more about its natural history and wildlife.
The home team got off to the perfect start with a wonderful Craig Parley solo effort inside the opening minute.
It had just taken off from nearby Bournemouth Airport when it fell out of the air and ploughed into a hedge near Parley Lane, only 20 yards from kiddies' rides.