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Parky was until recently a feature of our local park and a resting place for the old and young who regularly enjoy the health benefits of our open space.
Parky also suggested Corrie was in danger of losing its northern identity.
Parky was reunited with his former teammates, who clearly have a bond that has stood the test of time.
Commiserations go to The Parky who narrowly lost the LCFA Intermediate Cup Final against Ormskirk 3-2 after an own goal and a Chris Murphy strike were not enough to see them lift the coveted trophy.
Parky said the frank interview also gives an insight into Thorpe's battle with depression.
Kuy-ulu Parky, complete with a children's playground, swans and ducks and a restaurant, too, has been a focal point for the people living in the capital for well over 50 years and would not normally make the headlines.
Parky wasn't given the king of the sofa crown because he won the genetics lottery (which is all being easy on the eye really is, as much of an accident of birth as being born horribly deformed) he earned it through a combination of brains, talent, and hard work.
I was gutted," Parky said, with a less than gutted expression.
Asked by Parky what went through her mind as she sang a sublimely version of Summertime, she replied: "Halfway through, I saw three ducks flying across my line of vision and I thought: 'I wish I had brought my gun.
A quick, off-the-cuff reprise would be enough to make even Parky glow lobster pink.
This time he's had a go at Michael Parkinson, above, with an awful gag about Parky not changing nappies, but soon to be wearing them.
Unless you're Charlotte Church, of course, who was sandwiched between Parky and Michael Aspel on Saturday night defending her ``bad-boy'' hottie Steve.
I'M not keen on old Parky, but you've got to give it to him - he can't half get some guests on his show.
Joining Citigroup, Primerica and Do Something at the event will be Jerry Tipton, President of The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, Fred Bradley, President and CEO of The Metropolitan Atlanta YMCA, David Martin, Executive Director of The Georgia Council on Economic Education, Scott Lawton of How Stuff Works and Parky Lee, Director of Training and Evaluation for Junior Achievement of Georgia, Inc.