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a system of checking for errors in computer functioning

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Here H is called the parity check matrix (PCM) and the illustrated form is given as given in equation 5
With these estimated codewords, the parity check operation is processed.
It is difficult to apply (3) to BCH codes directly because the parity check matrix is not sparse.
Each iteration of the algorithm proceeds in two steps, updating the parity check matrix and calculation of extrinsic information.
Remark 3 The neutrosophic parity check matrix N(H) of a neutrosophic code N(C) is not unique.
Urbanke, "Design of capacity approaching irregular low-density parity check codes", IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol.
In the first phase of development of applications a serial interface RS-232C was used For Compatibility of control unit with PC it was necessary to adjust individual values for baud rate, setting the bits, parity check to check accuracy of data and stop bits to end the communication.
has announced the TrueStore[R] RC9700, a second-generation 40-nanometer (nm) read channel featuring low-density parity check (LDPC) iterative decoding technology.
The CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem combines revolutionary technologies, including DoubleTalk(R) Carrier-in-Carrier(R) bandwidth compression, Low Density Parity Check codes and the next-generation forward error correction, VersaFEC(R) with Adaptive Coding & Modulation.
Using this bound, in Section 3 we obtain a bound on the number of parity check digits required to achieve the minimum Euclidean square distance at least [d.
The toolkit also can be used to generate parity check matrices and encode and decode information bits with low-density coding techniques used in WiMAX, DVB-S2, and 802.
The maths behind it is an idea called The Parity Check which is used in computing.
In 1962 Gallager introduced the concept of Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes, and suggested a simple decoding algorithm based on message passing.
In addition, the devices' parity check feature enables designers to catch errors while testing their design, which helps to ensure accurate image display.