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Synonyms for paring

a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something

(usually plural) a part of a fruit or vegetable that is pared or cut off

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The salesman, a genial sort with great-colored hair, was soon deep into his demonstration, not hawking the free paring knives, but a knife that never gets dull, can cut anything, and will withstand a 20 megaton nuclear blast, possibly even the ravages of Hurricane Ike.
The line comes with a sheepsfoot knife, a paring knife and a utility knife.
Although G-P is formulating a tissue strategy focusing on paring down debt and improving profit margins, the company realizes that its strong tissue and towel business must not suffer any reversals.
There have been concerns that BA has been paring down operations [from Cardiff] for some time.
Set contains: Paring knife, vegetable knife, boning knife, cook's knife, bread knife, carving knife, carving fork and wooden knife block (not photographed).
To understand this paring of initial connections and subsequent modifications, Jeff W.
Also, the action reflects a shift by PBCT toward a lower risk appetite for earnings volatility, evidenced by the company's continued paring of its corporate bond, single-issuer equity, and national consumer credit portfolios.
Indian stocks climbed, led by metals and pharmaceuticals producers, paring a weekly decline in the benchmark index.
The Nonstick Paring Knife Colori is available in 15 fashion colors including Tangerine, Sapphire, Fuchsia, Lemon, Purple and Pink while colorful polka dots and plaid designs add a flavor of fashion to the Colori Art Paring Knife Sets.
According to Reuters, US-based Wachovia Corp (NYSE: WB) has announced that it has almost completed the process of paring loans and securities from its balance sheet.