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Synonyms for pardner

an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest

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Since we find it very difficult to turn away anyone who wants to join us on the firing line, we have created a Masters Pardner Pass, which offers the opportunity for individuals to enjoy and experience the Masters without entering a team.
Ding," Red told him, "You's always a good man inside, pardner.
I'd say to him, pardner, you're going to want to go get yourself a copy of The Day Roam by Don DeLillo.
These include the statement that the Jamaican "informal savings institution known as pardner (partner)" is an African survival (p.
An old pardner of mine like that can't be left home.
Pardner disappeared with one of the quail we'd shot .
There's nothing wrong with taking medicines when you need them, pardner.
This is corroborated by Pienowski's diary note for 29 March 1936, "Heard that our old partner Gordon Moffatt on the upper Seal river got over 200 foxes with his pardner.
If there's a twelve-foot-tall steer out front, it's a safe bet there's a BBQ corral inside, pardner.
I'm not convinced, pardner," said the Texan, cocking his Stetson.
at 305 meters, was the Pardner field (347 meters) in 1968, which finally came on-stream in 2003.
It was pardner George who suggested: "We intend to have a shovel in the ground in 60 days" or claimed "This is not a takeover like the Glazer deal at Manchester United.
As they might have said on the streets of Dodge City--if not Grand Island, Nebraska--"Them's bold words, pardner.
But you'd better appreciate what else he's done with it, pardner.