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the relation between two different kinds of organisms in which one receives benefits from the other by causing damage to it (usually not fatal damage)

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DOH has various programs to eradicate parasitism infection in the country.
Parasitism was allowed for 24 h, after which the females were sacrificed and the cardboard pieces that contained parasitized eggs were transferred to closed plastic bags (23 x 4 cm) and kept in a climatized chamber at 25 [+ or -] 1 [degrees]C, 70% relative humidity, and a 14:10 h L:D photoperiod, until off-spring emergence.
pretiosum: parasitism percentage by counting the darkened eggs; emergence percentage, emergence percentage by counting of adults; viability percentage acquired by counting the host eggs that had outlet orifice of the adults viewed under a stereoscopic microscope; number of adults emerged per egg calculated using the formula:
The data pertaining to emergence, parasitism, sex ratio, tibia length, adult weight and adult longevity of D.
Augmenting aboveground nest habitat ("trapnesting") is a widely used survey method that can provide a wealth of information on cavity-nesting species, including species diversity, abundance, phenology, associated habitat, prey usage, parasitism, and nest architecture (Jenkins and Matthews, 2004).
Key words: multiple parasitism, massive infection, Taenia parva, perturbed Mediterranean ecosystem, Serra Calderona, Spain
Key words: Epidemiology, Equine Faisalabad, Quantitative distribution, Gastrointestinal tract parasitism.
Parasitism is of extreme importance in livestock industry causing widespread economic losses worldwide, in terms of decrease in milk yield, meat production, growth rate, reproduction and loss due to mortality.
Although there are other bird species that prey on the parental skills of their feathered neighbors by laying eggs in their nests, only birds of those two species practice obligate parasitism in North America, placing them among approximately one percent of avian species worldwide.
The results showed that the time from release to finding the first host used for host feeding and parasitism by un-starved females was 5.