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Synonyms for parasitical

of or characteristic of a parasite

Synonyms for parasitical

relating to or caused by parasites


of plants or persons

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He has promised to get rid of the parasitical elite.
Market Transactions and Parasitical Political Calculation
A charismatic leader took the stage in an arena packed to the rafters with fanatical supporters and delivered a rousing and most assuredly politically incorrect speech decrying the United States' "suicidal tolerance of parasitical aliens, making something entirely different out of the nation, destroying its ethics, morals, patriotism, and religious conceptions.
HOW I agree with Arthur Quarmby regarding the EU and the need for us to get out of that parasitical organisation.
As per the second edition of the report titled "Preventing disease through healthy environments: a global assessment of burden of disease from environmental risks", the deaths were attributed to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), work related injuries and as well as to infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, parasitical infections and neonatal deaths.
Renaissance poetry, where it had classical models, was influenced by bad interpretations as well as good ones, and there is no better record of how classical authors were taught in school than obsolete, error-ridden, parasitical commentaries.
Hair goat farming activities such as grazing kid selling barn disinfection cheese selling vaccination bathing for mites shearing internal and external parasitical disinfection are male dominated activities whereas activities like milking and barn cleaning are female's domain and the rest of the activities were carried out both male and female.
Malaria is one of the deadliest parasitical disease that mankind has ever had to encounter.
That is a lot of money and does not include the parasitical ailments that arise from being diabetic.
They're not fans - they're parasitical low-lifes" - Actor Ewan McGregor castigates Star Wars "fans" who, he claims, seek autographs simply to make money by selling them.
The cat, after having killed and eaten the rodent, becomes itself the new host of the parasitical monad, which can neither die nor desire.
The masses, who may not have the voice left to them by their blood-sucking oppressive parasitical oligarchs but they are no such a nincompoop as not to know what is what?
Scientists believe the devastating disorder originates with a parasitical infection among individual bees.
Does this not require a look into the social and political environment providing this parasitical organization with elements of strength, immunity and the ability to face all the formations of the Free Army and exploit their contradictions and disputes as it has happened and is still happening in Rakka and zaz?
For the value that society finds in marriage is parasitical, so to speak, on the procreational nature of marriage.