parasitic worm

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worm that is parasitic on the intestines of vertebrates especially roundworms and tapeworms and flukes

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Health officials yesterday warned would-be slimmers not to consume parasitic worms in an attempt to lose weight following adverts for products containing worm eggs.
After the bear was tranquilized, wardens found that its eyes were crusted over, a symptom of a parasitic worm that infects mature bears' eye sockets and leads to blindness, Martarano said.
According to Woolley, the kidneys had not been rejected because the parasitic worm was an organism that was almost unknown to the world of medical science and there was no test for it while taking into consideration the circumstance of the transplant.
TWO transplant patients who died after receiving kidneys infected with parasitic worms were aware their donor had died from meningitis, a doctor has told an inquest.
Washington, June 16 ( ANI ): A new study has found vital biological and genetic information from sequence of genomes of the whipworm, an intestinal parasitic worm that infects many people in the developing countries.
It's a disease that's caused by a parasitic worm which can affect dogs of all ages.
The researchers analyzed samples from more than 300 children and found that 32 percent of kids who stayed home were infected with Schistosoma mansoni, a parasitic worm that can cause fever, blood loss and lethargy.
The disease is spread in freshwater, where parasitic worm larvae infect people while swimming, fishing or washing laundry.
Dog poo can contain a parasitic worm which if transferred to humans can cause serious illnesses including possible blindness.
The research could benefit two patient populations: Those in developing countries still wrestling with parasitic worm infections and those in more industrialized environments where parasites are less prevalent but where immune responses can run amok, leading to a higher prevalence of allergies and asthma.
Lab tests confirmed the sandwich contained a parasitic worm and Wayne sent the report and pictures of the worm to Tesco.
It is spread to humans by the bite of black flies infected with the parasitic worm Onchocerca volvulus.
The 10-year-old Sylmar boy who suffered a seizure caused by a parasitic worm in his brain remained in fair condition Sunday and will receive drug therapy, a hospital spokesman said Sunday.
Robert "Jim" Stuart, 67, from Cardiff, and Darren Hughes, 42, of Bridgend, died in December 2013 of meningoencephalitis, an inflammation of the brain caused by a deadly parasitic worm which initially lays eggs in the kidneys.
Robert Stuart and Darren Hughes both died after being given kidneys from the anonymous man which turned out to be infected by the deadly parasitic worm halicephalobus, an inquest heard.