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endothelial cysts (most common), 45%; epithelial cysts, 9%; pseudocyst/haemorrhagic, 39% and parasitic cysts, 7%.
The diagnosis of a cystic mass of spleen was made with a differential of multiple angiomyolipoma, parasitic cysts, lymphangioma and hemangioma.
Trematode parasite and one unknown parasitic cyst were observed in O.
Other causes of cystic splenic masses, such as parasitic cysts, various vascular tumors, fluid collections related to pancreatitis, benign tumors of the spleen, and cystic metastases, and the primary hemochromatosis of spleen which show calcification.
1) The commonest cause of parasitic cyst is Taenia Ecchinococcus.
The purifier uses a process to progressively reduce the sediment and rust particles that are picked up from the water-delivery system, and to reduce parasitic cysts from water.
Cats shed the parasitic cysts in their faeces, which then infect humans and other animals.
The differential diagnosis of splenic lymphangiomas includes hemangiomas, true (splenic) epidermoid cysts, mesothelial cysts, and parasitic cysts (most commonly due to Echinococcus granulosus).