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beyond normal physical explanation

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Presidential Address, Parapsychological Association.
Many researchers have argued that it is vitally important to establish why they occur, both in terms of assessing past parapsychological research and attempting to replicate studies in the future (e.
She, like Rahner, holds that parapsychological powers (psi) are natural, and so cannot "contradict nature," as miracles supposedly do.
The World Of The Paranormal: The Next Frontier challenges current parapsychological thinking and offers new insights in the study of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychic healing, and other psychic phenomena.
Founded in California in 1972, the ISPR says it is the only parapsychological investigative team of its kind in the world.
It's an unusually well-told ghost story, more a parapsychological study than a horror movie, with solid internal logic and a terrific twist ending that's beautifully, even rigorously, set up.
Parapsychological facts, experiences and occurrences are real; they stand in need of explanation; they must not be narrow-mindedly avoided because of theoretical bigotry.
Defining an apparition and exploring the difference between an apparition and other religious experiences, such as visions or parapsychological events.
Segregated utterly from society because of his parapsychological "ability," Vale allows himself to be controlled and trained by a psychiatrist, who eventually betrays him.
His novels include More Than Human (1953), with children linked by complementary parapsychological powers; The Cosmic Rape (1958), with Earth's mental forces compelled to unite to repel invasion by an interplanetary mind; and Venus Plus X (1960), contrasting Earth and its sexual problems with a utopian society of bisexuals.
The idea of communicating without uttering a word or typing, like the characters in Vinge's story, may seen like parapsychological mumbo jumbo but there is solid technology behind it," said Harry Goldstein, senior associate editor, IEEE Spectrum.
1989) to account for outcomes in a set of classic parapsychological studies--his criticism was suitably scathing, but where he felt that such interactions could be constructive--such as in his initial debate with Ray Hyman concerning the early ganzfeld work--he was a willing and respectful adversary (cf.
But as psychologist Arthur Koestler of Stanford University pointed out in The Roots of Coincidence, his enlightening book: It is in the very nature of parapsychological phenomena that they are not repeatable at will, and that they operate unpredictably.
of Florida) bring together 17 essays by North American and British psychologists, parapsychologists, and others who debate the presence of parapsychological phenomena.
In the early 1980s, Ronson has discovered - thanks to a very amiable Vietnam veteran called General Stubblebine - the CIA got interested in the possibilities of parapsychological intelligence.