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a trained worker who is not a member of a profession but who assists a professional

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It could be assumed that having a one-on-one paraprofessional would be beneficial for the student with a disability because of the increased level of adult proximity.
Provide with your bid a training agenda for substitute paraprofessionals.
After graduating from high school, she became a paraprofessional working mainly with Latino children at elementary schools.
In view of this, this study attempts to identify the key factors of motivation for paraprofessional library staff.
His Individual Education Program (IEP) indicated that, when special services were provided in the resource room and the general education classroom, he had the one-on-one assistance of a paraprofessional.
The author states that this book is not meant to be a "how to guide" for paraprofessionals, but rather a means of showing certified teachers and paraprofessionals that they can be a strong, effective team in the inclusive classroom.
Although IDEA 2004 does not address the paraprofessional's role, both Parts B and C specify that paraprofessionals be provided with training and supervision.
Students with more significant behavioral and cognitive disabilities, however, are frequently included in general education classrooms only if they can be provided with the support of a full-time paraprofessional (Giangreco, Broer, & Edelman, 1999).
The National Clearinghouse, developed by the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute in cooperation with the Direct Care Alliance, conducts surveys and studies analyzing workforce issues such as recruitment and training, career ladders, staffing ratios, wage pass-throughs, and other vehicles for ensuring a quality working environment for direct-care workers.
Although this change is the consequence of various factors, including the shortage of professionally qualified staff, budget cuts, declassification and the emergence of other professional and paraprofessional groups, social work's declining involvement in advocacy is a significant factor.
The paraprofessional LTC workers--nursing assistants and home care aides--provide most of the direct care in nursing homes and home care.
Branch libraries tend to rely heavily on student and paraprofessional employees [3] to refer, or even to answer, reference questions.
The chapters in Part Two contain handy worksheets and forms the paraprofessional can use as aids in various situations, in working on skills, analyzing problem behavior, preparing for student planning meetings, and determining the amount of caregiver support necessary.